Hey guys!
I wanted to give Du guys so really useful Links and guides to the Kagerou Project, hope you'll appreciate!


Here is a link to all the ORIGINAL Videos for Kagerou Project gepostet Von the creator Jin!

Here is a link to my playlist for all the Kagerou Project songs, English subbed. This includes songs without a PV. It's not done, but will be soon. Please support my channel!

What? Novels? Yes, the creator of Kagerou Project, Jin has created novels to the series. It tells Du a lot Mehr about the story, I Liebe Lesen them. Not all of them have been translated yet, but it takes time to translate these things! Here is a link to a Tumblr post with the currently translated novels.

And a link to my Tumblr if Du want to follow~ sorry for advertising~

There is a Manga adaption of Kagerou Project too! So much stuff!! Here is a link to a Manga website I often use.

Last but not least, the new and ongoing anime! Here is a link (: great site for watching Anime btw.

Oh and I almost forgot! Here is a link to the Kagerou Project Wikipedia page, it's really helpful.

And that's all for now! Hope this was helpful!