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jbinthehouse posted on Dec 09, 2010 at 04:08AM
Hello, r u from the school? R u willing to kick some butt? Well this is the flock for you!! Send me a message if you want to join and describe ur character please!!

Hi I'm Chelsea a mutated person just like you.

Leader- Chelsea a girl with blue gray tipped wings. I have wavy dark brown hair and has dark brown eyes

Closest friend-

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr catfan9 said…
OK. My name's Terra. I have sort of Parrot type wings, and Curly Auburn hair. I'm A girl.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr jadle811 said…
Yo, I'm Jade. I have white wings, like an angel sent from heaven (except I don't wear the weird clothes). I also have silky blonde hair that reaches my about 3 inches above my waist. Plus, I have kick-butt instincts! And finally, I can read minds. Only read. And I'm wise (unlike a certain mindreader we all know about) and don't say anything.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Dovemoon said…
Hey. I'm Ali. I have silver/ gray wings and dirty blonde hair tied up in a long braid usually that goes down a few inches below my shoulders. I can kick your butt cause I've lived in the open brush for 3 years away from white coats.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr kkluvbr said…
Hey my names hazel and I have bright green blue eyes with wings that are a light silver at the tip and get darker as it nears my back. My hair is black but my friends say it looks blue In certain lighting I usually wear it in a high pony when it chooses to be strait other wise I wear it in a side braid
You are smart not to go near me when I have a weapon especially a dagger or a sword cause over the years I learned how to block bullets with them
I love any type of weapon and you have no clue how fun it is to get you anger out with a bazooca... hehe!
I also do pretty well in archery
I have one other power other than my beastly weapon skill and it's I can blend in almost like a chameleon I can also change my eye hair and skin color in a matter of minutes I usually stick with a nice olive tone
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr AmazingPercy said…
I'm Christina. I have black wings like fangs's but have a golden touch by where they come out, and a silver touch by the end. I have long blonde hair and hazel colored eyes. I have my own silver knife to cut and hurt white coats. I picked up a bow once and did pretty well.


I can sing to put people to sleep and break glass. I can make plants grow and make food. (good tool for surving) I can tell pieces of the future and do telekinesis.