Episode 3

*Bermuda Triangle*

Vangel: *Dressing Angel* Du are going to look amazing!

Angel: *Just going along with it*

Cactas Jr: Is it almost time for the Ceremony?

Vangel: *Nods* In about 2 hours.

*Prisoner Cells*

Max: *Trying to get out* Let me go!

Gillag: No. It’s almost time for the ceremony of Don Thousand...

Max: What ceremony? And who is Don Thousand?

Gillag: Well... it all started 1,000 years ago...

“In the beginning, there were two ruling beings, Astra and Don Thousand. Don Thousand was the being of War and Astra was being of peace. Astra created humans, animals, and plants. Don Thousand created us, the Chaos Beings. All was normal...until two Chaos Beings named Vector and Cactas convinced Don Thousand to destroy all other life, and reshape the world in his image. Don Thousand agreed. They waged war with Astra and his animals. Astra won and sealed Don Thousand away in the Bermuda Triangle”.

Max: And what does Angel – Jäger der Finsternis have to do with this?

Gillag: Angel – Jäger der Finsternis and Cactas Jr shall be married, and Don Thousand shall be released.

Max: How?

Gillag: It’s a forced marriage. Don Thousand is the being of war and force.

Max: So what will Du do when Don Thousand is awakened?

Gillag: He shall reshape the world in his image...more of us...

Drones: *Draining the life out of Fang and Iggy*

Max: What are Du doing to them????!!!

Drones: Taking his life force.

Max: Why???!!!

Gillag: We also use that to summon Don Thousand. And don’t worry, Du shall be up next...


Nick: *Battling Lettas*

Lettas: *Pulls out claws and slashes Nick*

Nick: *Dodges and slashes Lettas chest*

Lettas: GAH! *Extends arms and punches Nick in the face*

Nick: AH! *Flies backwards*

Lettas: *Flies to him*

Nick: *Jumps on oben, nach oben of Lettas and drills into Lettas back*

Lettas: *Falls to ground and explodes*

Nick: *Flies down a Flying Surfboard* Whoo hoo!


Grey: *Slashes Bee Drones with bär Claws* Target: Bee Drones!

Bee Drones: *Being slashed to bits*

Grey: *Optics shine* Mission: Successful.

*Bermuda Triangle*

Mantis Drones: *About to drain Max’s life force* Bye...

Max: *Breaks free and flies out of there*

Mantis Drones: *Pull out blasters* Get that girl! *All start to feuer at her*

Max: *Flying, dodging every shot* Can’t hit me!

Gillag: *Throws a life draining spear at Max*

Max: *Is speared through the wing* GAH! *Falls into the deep ocean*

Mantis Drones: *Bring in the spear* We found it!

Gillag: It’s time to begin!


Grey: *Now fighting Cricket and skorpion Drones* New Targets: Cricket and skorpion Drones! *Two large blasters appear as his new shoulder pads*

skorpion Drones: *Start firing their Sting Guns*

Grey: *Jumps and fires and destroys all the Drones with Shoulder Blaster pads*


Mela: *Fighting Mantis Drones* Get away from me, Du bunch of stupid bugs! *Throws a messer at one*

Mantis Drone 1: *Is hit through the engine*

Mantis Drones 2 and 3: *Pull out chains and lash Mela with them*

Mela: *Grabs the chains and spins the Mantis Drones* Du like to spin? Good! *Throws them*

*San Francisco*

Felecia: *Patrolling with Nudge*

Nudge: *Watching for anything coming from the ocean*

Felecia: *Sees something* That looks like a girl...

Nudge: *Eyes widen* Max! *Flies toward Max and retrieves her from the water*

Max: *Unconscious*
Felecia: *Calls Nick* We need Du to return to San Francisco as soon as possible!

*2 Hours later*

Nudge: *Taking care of Max*

Nick: *Lands Flying Board* What’s going on?

Felecia: We found one of Nudge’s flock members.

Nick: Who?

Nudge: Her name is Maximum Ride...

Max: *Wakes up* Where...am I?

Nudge: Max!

Max: Nudge! *Hugs Nudge*

Nudge: *Hugs back*

Nick: Where were you, Max?

Max: Somewhere...Angel was being prepared for some sort of wedding with a guy named Cactas Jr...

Nick: Cactas Jr???!!! He’s getting married?

Max: *Nods* Angel – Jäger der Finsternis is only 7...

Nick: Thats creepy...

Max: Apparently it’s to awaken some guy named Don Thousand...

Nick: Who is Don Thousand?

Max: Some evil being of war...

Nick: I will consult the Gold Oracle *Pulls out an odd looking device and disappears in it’s light*

*Inside of the Gold Oracle*

Nick: *Sees Bruce, his father, as a spirit*

Bruce: Nick! What brings Du here?

Nick: I need some info on a guy called Don Thousand.

Bruce: I’m sorry...I do not know anything about this guy...

Nick: Then I must go deeper into the Oracle...*Goes deeper and sees his Grandfather, Deeper*

Deeper: Nick...what brings Du to this part of the Oracle?

Nick: I need some info on a guy named Don Thousand.

Deeper: I have heard of the name...but I know nothing about him...

Nick: Then I must go to the ends of the Oracle *Goes deeper past the first Wolfe family member, the first Wolfe, the first mammal, the first multi celled life, and past the the first life form, and stops at the spirit of Astra* Astra...

Astra: What brings thou to the very ends of the Oracle?

Nick: Astra, I need information on Don Thousand.

Astra: *Eyes widen* Don Thousand is the spirit of evil...you must stop him before he reawakens.

Nick: Is there a way to stop him?

Astra: *Nods* Yes...defeat him on the Tag of the Eclipse...

Nick: When is that?

Astra: Weiter friday...

Nick: Is there any catches?

Astra: Don Thousand shall be strongest because of the eclipse.

Nick: Is there anything else.

Astra: Yes. My son, Utopia, and his pet Lion, Leo.

Nick: Will be able to help me?

Astra: Yes. He will Mitmachen you.

Nick: Where is he?

Astra: A place known to humans as...Cape Cod.

Nick: Thank Du for this information...I will be able to defeat Don Thousand.

Astra: *Nods* Good luck.

Nick: *Returns to the real world* We must go to Cape Cod.

*Bermuda Triangle*

*The wedding*

Gillag: Do you, Cactas Jr, take Angel – Jäger der Finsternis as you're forced wife?

Cactas Jr: I do.

Gillag: Then Du may KISS the bride!

Ant Drones: *Using pillars to channel energy*

Cactas Jr: *Kisses Angel*

*Dark Clouds appear and a black bolt of lightning strikes the ground*

Vangel: No way...

Don Thousand: *Has a mask, a black oben, nach oben hat, a black cane, and has a large eye on this chest* I’m back!