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posted by erinecabiles
Du know what mattyb i used to hate Musik not untill i started knowing you. Du made me in Liebe of your Musik and of course you.

i Liebe Du mattybraps and keep on going. i Liebe all as in all of your songs and raps especially your original songs.

Du are super cool,cute,awesome,unique
and Du are the kind of boy that i like.

i wish i can meet Du in person. Liebe Du cutie i wish i can meet Du in your concert. i am fall for Du

Du made me who i am today, Du made a girl Liebe music, your music. but Du are not just my crush cuz i dont just like Du i Liebe Du and i will be a bGirl forever till my last breath and for the last time i Liebe Du very muc
posted by stardust12345
I'm a fun and rap cool girl but sometimes sly but I face my fierce even if I'm scared mattyb songs help me be me so if your scared push your self to freedom like matty B I was born june,25,2002 I was afaid when I ment matty b he doesn't remeber me I Liebe playing football and scatborading about all the time sing for my friend oder me because of a breakup sometimes when I feel sad I write sad song and want ever I do sometimes I remeber when me and chug we're to get her and I Liebe Liebe Liebe Singen all Tag to songs that want to make me dance and I grow up in califora merced it was cool when I was little and fun I remeber when I was little I was not paying a tench and I fell in the pool me and my Friends started to laugh It was so funny.
posted by jordanbarnes
matty b is a fun and up beat guy. he likes to rap and dance. he has some really cool hats. he has one little sister that has a disorder. he is ten and was born january 6, 2003. he started raping when he was five when his 19 Jahr old cousin that is a rapper moved in his house and they did a song and his Musik career took off on youtube. matty b has millions of Fans but his number one bgirl is his little sister. i dont know his bboy oder how many brothers he has one brother is joshuawhich people call him jeebs. now he has a Youtube channel and alot of Youtube videos. my Favorit covor that he does is one thing and want u back.
posted by Awsomemattyb
People mostly like him because of his looks than his personality. Well now they will see why I like him. I like him because he sings what is on his mind. He also sings a song about how people should Zeigen their true colors. He is sweet and doesn't care what people say about him. He just cares about what he believes in and about his family and fans. He loves his sister and brothers and even if the baddest thing is happening he will have a smile on his face. Mattyb is reliable, funny, and sweet and that's why I like Mattyb.
posted by kittenscute
 this is me
this is me
matty b your songs help me if im scraed if im afraid they help me but most of all I Liebe Du Im so fancy Du already no Du no Du want to see me im in ocean springs Mississippi come to desporte sons seafood Biloxi Mississippi come get some seafood Du are so cute come and see me I like video games mincraft oh yeah I no Du want to come play with me I have wii u to Liebe Du matty come see memy dads sean desporte im adalie desporte