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Name: Matthew Sullen
Age: 4 months but he looks 31 and acts 16
DOB: 12/8/2011
Family: Shane Sullen (older brother)
GF: Tavikka
Hometown: Dunno...his FORMER town was Geminora
Powers: Energy Sourcing
Nickname: Da Matt

He's the "gangsta" clone of Shane Sullen. He's Mehr chil-lax than Shane and a really nice, fun-lovin' guy. One day, some thugs jumped him and knocked him out. After that, they took him in and tried making into what they were. He went along with it til they tried getting him to terrorise Freedom City--he bailed on em and went off to find his "twin", Shane. When he did, things didn't....quit go as expected. They don't excatly get on well, due to Matt's gangsta talk.

Now he tries to find what his place is in the world--not knowing that Dogman, the leader of the crew Matt left--is out there looking for him.
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Matthew: Dis is mah sawng, bwa! Part Up, y'all! *breakvdancing" Me: Yeah what he said.....