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onthebroadway posted on Aug 31, 2010 at 04:52AM
It had taken almost more than two and a half decades for the renowned producer named Cameron Mackintosh in order to bring the Mary Poppins musical to fruition.
Mackintosh and the scriptwriter named Julian Fellowes had not only drawn from the iconic Disney film for their creation, but he had also made a return to the source – that is the Mary Poppins books themselves – in order to enrich the story.
This was a smart move as Pamela who had been the creator of this popular yet contradictory nanny had been born and brought up on the Queensland coast in a small town that had been named Maryborough. Though it had been her Travers who had been the writer of the Mary Poppins stories in England, when they had been published for the very first time in the year 1934, the name of Poppins had already been made public in a story that had been penned almost a decade ago in Australia.
Travers had been at odds with the Disney factory post the stories that had brewed up when she had let them get hold of her books. Although it cannot be denied that she had received a hefty payout from the Walt Disney and had also been regularly consulted for the film, she had apparently been quite dismayed with the entire affair and especially when at the 1964 premiere when she had come across her stories being populated with singing penguins. If you want to see the great and very very entertaining show mary poppins so you can buy link and get the real fun.

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