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Cream And Emily : Lumina? Void? Who Are They?

Mourace : *Sighs* Story TIme Children...
Lumina. Lumina The Dream Fairy.

Emily : Dream Fairy?

Mourace : Yes. Lumina Was Born When The First Dream Was Created. Which It Also Dates Back As When Maginary World Was Born.

Cream : Go On...

Mourace : Precious Stone. It's The Essence Of Maginary World's Existance. IIIlumina The Godess Of Dreams And Lumina Protected It...

Maria : Void...

MOurace : He's A Seed-Borg.

Maria : .....Seed-Borg? I never knew that.

Mourace : Seedren-Robot. He Had Once Been Evil. But Lumina And HIm Had Fallen In Love. They GOt Married Moved...
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Emily : *Walks around* (Hmm...Now where do u find a Black Fluffy Cat with stripes?)

Shadow : *Zooms past her*

Emily : OOH! *Chases after him* Hey WAIT!!!

Shadow : Hm? *Stops* Who r u?

Emily : I'm Emily. I've come here with my friend on a boat. I need u 2 come with me!*Sick* I--ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh..............

Shadow : r u okay?

Emily : I don't feel very well...

Shadow : Come with me. *Takes Emily 2 his house*

*@ Shadow's House*

Blaze : Still...
Why would Snivley do that?

Shadow : I don't know...

Blaze : r u okay Shadow?

Shadow : *Looks up* I'm fine Blaze.

Blaze : Hmm...

Emily : *Coughs* I think he...
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Snivley : *Pressing some buttons*

Nattalie : Are Du sure this is a good idea?

Mary : The poor dear won't remember a thing!

Snivley : SHUT UP! ALL OF YOU!! I'm doing Shadow a good deed. With this machine. I can reawaken any dead soul. But the age is unpredicted. And it will only be an animal.

Jake : So Du mean she'll be a Hedgie oder somethin'?

Snivley : Indeed.

Emily : Wow.

Computer : 100% Complete. Restoring Soul.

Snivley : Yes...YES...YES!!! MUH-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!

Nattalie : oh...

Mary : *Holds Emily*

Emily : hm?

Jake : ........

*Mist roles in*

Maria : *is 4 years old* *is a Hedgie* *unconcious on floor*...
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Fiona : *Comes Out Of Dark Corner* Why Hello Dear...

Maria : Who Are You? *Steps Back Slowly*

Fiona : Somebody Sent Us To Come Get You...*Smirks*

Maria : Did EMILY Send You?

Fiona : errr.....YES. EMILY Sent Us...Close YOur Eyes. I have A Present For You...

Maria : *Shuts Em'* OH BOY!!!

Fiona : *Knocks Her Out*

Scourge : *Stuffs Her In Bag*

Fiona : Let's Get Outta Here...*They Leave*

*With Snivley*

Snivley : NO NO NO!!! *Machine Explodes*
This Isn't Right...*Runs Some Test (NOT ON HIMSELF DX XD DX)

Cata-Killer : *Squirms Over* What Be-ith The Prolem?

Snivley : There Seems To Be A Growth Spurt Formula In...
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