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lolipopgrl113 posted on Apr 08, 2009 at 12:27AM
Ok so if your like me and fell in LOVE with this awesome manga, don't let me suffer any more! i cannot find out when Vol.12 of Beauty comes out and so i call uppon the good people of the WWW! I read alot of the stuff some people posted and it was all great so PLZ help if u can. thanx!

PS if you know of some reall good Manga that is considered funny or girly with romace give me a click! But don't be afraid to suggest anything else you liked! toodles!

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr shortynme said…
I've never read it but I checked and apparetly the release for the chapters is irregular. Sorry :(
That pretty much means it could be a week to months for the next chapter to be released. Hope you don't have to wait too long.
I love Manga too and if you want some cute girly ones I'll tell you about them. I'll give you ones that are finished though, so you don't have to suffer waiting for them! lol
I'll be giving you a lot though, so hopefully they can hold you over until the next chapter of Beauty is out. :) Hope you enjoy them!

Shinigami Lovers: A story about a Death God who goes to collect a girls soul and take her to heaven when she died. When he gets there he's told to take her back because there was a mistake and she wasn't really supposed to die. So he has to stay with her until her appointed time to die because they're chained together. It's really cute and I love it!

7th Period is a Secret: This one is WAY short but really good. It's about a girl who's moved to a new school so she's trying really hard to be popular, but she's truthfully afraid to show her real personality because she's afraid her new friends won't accept her. Her teacher, who's a very young guy, can see right through her facade though and tries to help her overcome her fears. But their feelings go a little farther than teacher and student. . . :) lol I love this one, like I said it's really short but it was awesome.

Meru Peri: The main girl is trying very hard to live a good life so she can find a "dream boy". She bumps into a little kid on the street who claims to be a prince. Since it's dark and he's alone she takes him home. She agrees to help him find his guardians (she assumes his some diplomates son or something) in the morning. When she wakes up she finds not a little child but a grown man! Come to find out he's actually a prince from another world and his brother put a curse on him that whenever he is put in darkness he'll age. When his guardian comes to find him the Prince refuses to leave, vowing his love to the girl. The story goes on about him trying to win her love, when she sees him more like a little brother, and her finding out some cool things about her familys history. I love this story. It's not too long but it's really cute. The prince is such a romatic sweety! lol

Hana Kimi: The main girl has a very strong admiration for a track star that's her age so she decides to go to the same school as him. Unfortunatly he goes to an all boys school. She hides her gender and manages to get to the same school. Not only that but she ends up being his roommate! The story covers how her relationship develops with her classmates and one of the teachers over her two years of being there. She's pretty oblivious about herself so the boys who know she's a girl (which she has no clue they know) do everything they can to cover for her, so she can stay with them. I'm not explaining it well but it's seriously one of my favorites!

1/3 No Kareshi: A one shot (meaning like a one chapter story if you don't know) about a girl who has an embarrasing picture taken of her by a boy in her school. He promises to delete the picture if she will meet him for lunch a few times. She has no idea who he is, where he came from, what his age is, and why he seems to really be in love with her, but she can't ignor him since he has a picture in his phone of her panties showing! It's really short and sweet :)

Mademoiselle Butterfly: A story about a Geisha who falls in love with a tattoo artist. She begs him to buy her so since they're friends he agrees. The story is about their lives together, and how she tries very hard to make the man she's always loved, love her back. It gets pretty sad and serious but I really enjoyed it.

Marmalade Boy: A story about a girl who's parents announce that they're getting divorced, and marrying another couple, who are also divorcing each other to be with their new lovers. Oddly so, they all get a long well and decide to live together as one big family. The other couple just happens to have a son the same age as the main girl. The story covers how she learns to deal with her parents divorce and remarriage and how she develops and REALLY good relationship with her new "step brother". So good that they fall in love :) hehe. I really liked this one too.

Whew! Ok, I gave you probably my top favorites. I hope you don't mind :) Hopefully they hold you over and you like them.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr shortynme said…
Oh! One more thing! I read all these Manga's at