Japan makes some weird stuff. However, weird isn't always bad. Take a look at Super Mario Bros. Du play as a plumber saving a princess from a dinosaur as Du schlagen, punsch floating bricks and fight walking mushrooms and turtles in shoes, and that game makes a billion dollars with each game released... However... if Du look on the opposite side of the spectrum, weird isn't always good. With that, we get a Manga with a Titel so perverted, I am sure this review will get flagged. It's Tiny Boobs Giant Tits History.
Now, let me tell you, if Du don't know what hentai is, your too young to read this story, and Du should leave now before Du kill your childhood. Trust me, this is not going to be pretty
So, its about a girl who gets teased for having small breasts, when, one day, her breasts grow to the size of melons... No pun intended. And, soon, every guy is staring in awe....... It's from Japan, don't Frage it.
Now, I do have to give this Manga credit, the drawings are pretty nice. And I don't mean in a wow like "Wow, get a load of the pair on that girl". No, I mean as in "Well, the characters, and areas are well drawn and put together and the expressions Zeigen up quiet nicely. Anyway, this manga... Is not a manga.... It is hentai. Now, hentai is.... Well, something, thats for sure. I may have to do a follow-up review for that, but anyway, hentai is a sort of porn comic involving Anime characters. If Du don't know what Anime is, Du DON'T KNOW ANIMATION!!! Sometimes, it's not to bad. Du know, the simple guy and girl stuff. And I hope I don't sound like some pervert that touches himself to that, because I don't. But then, there's the weird stuff I don't want to talk about, but I may have to in my Hentai review. Anyway, this Manga is a hentai Manga that was only gegeben to adults. I wonder why......... Now, I was willing to let Tiny Boobs Giant Tits History be its own thing, if not for the sex scene, but we'll get there when we do... Unless Du all want to leave, because, honestly, I don't blame you.
So, as our main character... Well, since no one is gegeben a name, we'll have to think of our own... So, I'll just give her the name of what's written on her T-shirt. Mega Milk....... Wait a second. I heard that somewhere. Yeah, believe it oder not, this Manga is actually responsible for the famous meme known as Mega milch (I'll post a picture of the meme below) I would go into detail about the meme, but I am in the middle of a review. Besides, I got another series planned for that (Foreshadowing).
Anyway, as Mega milch walks around her house, with her breasts shaking about (Why the fuck did I type that) Her brother, lets call him Little Brother, get a little upset, because she bugs him about her once was small breasts. Then, we, for some reason, cut to the Weiter day. Both Mega milch and Little Brother are Home alone and Mega milch goes to take a dusche and Little Brother has to go to the bathroom, but has no idea that Mega milch is in there. I'm sure Du all know where this is going. And this is your last chance to leave. Trust me, this is where the fanfic gets horrible, and, to keep with the review, I am going to go to every last detail. Please don't think I'm a pervert, I'm just doing my job.
Anyway, he walks in to see Mega milch naked and covers his eyes. Let me remind you, this is a manga, which is a Japanese comic book. And worse, this is an adults manga, so there are no censors. Du can actually see her naked. Unless your a horny teenage boy, this is not for you.
So, Mega milch thinks its a good idea to help clean Little Brother because, I don't know. As this happens, he gets an erection, which Mega milch sees. But, as Little Brother tries to leave, he sees his sisters vagina. Oh dear god, here we go
Of course, Mega milch notices and then she decides to wash Little Brother's penis, using Mehr soap then needed. And, as he groans with pleasure, she then does something that is every horny teens Fantasy but actual normal peoples look away. She begins to stroke Little Brother's penis with her breasts, then proceeds to suck on it. And once that's done, he then shoots seamen all into her mouth. And in the words of Billy Mays, Wait, there's more.
Mega milch then becomes extra horny, and then places Little Brother's Penis in her vagina. Du know, this wouldn't be bothering me much if THEY WEREN'T FUCKING RELATED!!! So, they proceed to have sex, which goes on for a good ten pages, and once that's done, Little Brother shoots Mehr seaman, but then, after that, they both then realize its a bad idea to sleep with there siblings. OH NOW Du FUCKING REALIZE IT!!! And with that, they promise to never speak of this again, but do promise to do it as often as possible. And I promise to never read this piece of shit again. And neither should you, audience, because this Manga is a piece of fucking shit. For those of Du who stayed throughout the whole review, I salute Du and I am sorry Du had to hear that. And as for the ones who left, I know Du won't hear me, but if Du left, I can't really blame you. This fanfic sucks. Sure, the drawing is good. I was actually willing to let it be its own thing if not for, Du know, the sex scene between brother and sister. But, hey, that's only my opinion. What's Your Take

Mega milch