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Die Fanauswahl: Evie found the underwater Camber powered Von the Moon ring
Die Fanauswahl: Yes Totally! She's so annoying.
Yes Totally! She&# 39; s so...
No, Im cool with her.
Die Fanauswahl: YES!!
Die Fanauswahl: Mimmi
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hopestar1 sagte …
Just started to watch the series! gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
makoislander sagte …
Stop hating on Evie and Zac. They are the main Liebe story featured in series 2, which is airing early 2015. Evie's nice side will be revealed as she joins the main cast, becoming a mermaid in the pilot episode. I really want the Fans to stop saying they hate her. She only didn't know Zac's secret which was what made her annoyed at Zac all the time. Now she knows, which changes everything. Don't treat her like an antagonist.Amy Ruffle sagte on twitter that Evie and Sirena will become best friends. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
winchestersgirl Kommentiert…
I didn't like Evie at all in the first season. She was whiney and clingy, and towards the end of season 1, she became kind of sneaky and conniving, and proved with that newspaper Artikel that she could be very vindictive. Both Zack and David looked shocked Von her behavior. Du could really tell that they were planning on breaking up Zack and Evie and hooking Zack up with Lyla. But when they wrote off Lyla and Nixie, they had to rewrite things. Not sure when the girls announced that they wouldn't be coming back, but in the season finale, her character is basically flipped. overnight, she became very kind and sweet, with a spunky sense of humor. I really like her now! Vor mehr als einem Jahr
hopestar1 Kommentiert…
I agree with Du ^ Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Hailey_Cam sagte …
I Liebe CAM MY Favorit gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr