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Below is a Liste of my oben, nach oben five (5) Favorit episodes from Season Three (2009) of "MAD MEN". Created Von Matthew Weiner, the series stars Jon Hamm:

FIVE Favorit "MAD MEN" SEASON THREE (2009) Episodes

1. (3.11) "The Gypsy and the Hobo" - Don's past finally catches up with him when Betty confronts him about his identity theft. Roger Sterling meets a former client/lover who wishes to rekindle their affair. And Joan discovers that her husband, Greg Harris, has joined the Army after failing to start a medical career in New York.

2. (3.12) "The Grown Ups" - The assassination of President John Kennedy...
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Below is a Liste of my oben, nach oben five Favorit Season One episodes of AMC's "MAD MEN":

FIVE Favorit "MAD MEN" SEASON ONE (2007) Episodes

1. (1.12) "Nixon vs. Kennedy" - In this superb episode, Sterling-Cooper's employees have an all-night party to watch the results of the 1960 Presidential Election. Also, Pete Campbell discovers that Don Draper's real name is Dick Whitman, who had been officially declared dead during the Korean War.

2. (1.10) "The Long Weekend" - During the Labor Tag weekend, Roger Sterling decides to cheer up Don over the loss of a client Von arranging a double datum with twins. During...
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