Below is a Liste of my oben, nach oben five (5) Favorit episodes from Season Five (2012) of "MAD MEN". Created Von Matthew Weiner, the series stars Jon Hamm:


1. (5.11) "The Other Woman" - In this tense episode, Pete Campbell asks Joan Harris to sleep with a client to secure the Jaguar account for the firm. Meanwhile, an underappreciated Peggy Olson attends lunch with fellow employee Freddy Rumsen, who encourages her to make a move.

2. (5.07) "At the Codfish Ball" - Don Draper is honored at a banquet for the American Cancer Society, but finds his professional reputation has been damaged. And he also has to deal with Sekunde wife Megan Draper and her reaction to her visiting parents, the Calverts.

3. (5.03) "Tea Leaves" - Don's ex-wife, Betty Francis, sees a doctor to get a prescription for diet pills, but the doctor discovers a nodule on her thyroid, leading her to dwell on her morality. Meanwhile, Don and fellow executive Harry kran go backstage at a Rolling Stones konzert after a Heinz executive suggests the firm try to get the band to record a jingle for their ad campaign.

4. (5.12) "Commissions and Fees" - In this dark episode, Don discovers that fellow executive Lane Pryce has embezzled money from the firm and suggests that the latter resign with tragic results. Also, Sally Draper has a rendezvous with former neighbor Glen Bishop, which ends abruptly.

5. (5.01-5.02) "A Little Kiss" - Megan surprises Don with a surprise party for his 40th birthday, while Pete struggles at the firm, due to fellow executive Roger Sterling's contined attempts to undermine him through his accounts.