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 Mario Baseball
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An Official Mario Baseball wallpaper, featuring Luigi
super mario brothers
mario baseball
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Luigi gets his groove on while Mario is out... BOOGIE ON DOWN, LUIGI!
boogie wonderland
earth wind and feuer
toadstool girl dancers
“So it was Du who was a-messing with our heads!” Luigi scoffed. “It was a good thing I snapped out of your twisted dark magic and all your illusions!”
King Boo snickered. “Merely a trap to not only get Du to quit, but also to get Du to give up altogether.” Then he added with an evil smirk, “But there were no illusions involved—everything Du saw before Du were real. Your Friends are really suffering; you’ll really be up against all the forces that are beyond your wildest expectations....”
“And as I’ve said—I’m going to save them no matter what!”
“Still so...
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After long Sekunden of pure adrenaline and wind being whipped across the face, they finally began to angle downward (which was a relief for Luigi in a way he didn't want to reveal yet until they got down) and eventually they landed in front of Bowser's Castle. Yoshi managed to land on a bush, while Luigi, who closed his eyes and screamed the entire time, landed head-first on a huge boulder just near the schloss door.
"Ow," Luigi complained under his breath.
"There," Yoshi sagte to Luigi as he hopped out of the busch and looked at the door of Bowser's Castle, "wasn't that quick? And it was fun,...
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“You...cannot be serious, pal!” Luigi spluttered in shock.
“Oh, but I am,” Yoshi said, his tone sad. “What chance do we have? We’ll only die trying to save everyone there.”
“I figured as much, but...”
“But what? Luigi, I don’t get why we have to stretch this out any longer. In fact, I don’t know why we’re even here in the first place! What are we searching for here, anyway? We’ve been busting ghosts, but we haven’t gotten a clue yet as to why we have to do it!”
“I’m sure there’s a reason why we were asked to come here before saving Mario and the others....,”...
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“What just happened to Yoshi’s Island?” Luigi sputtered.
Yoshi was just as flabbergasted as the green plumber. “I—I have no idea.”
“We should see where—” Luigi turned around for the door, only to see that it was now gone.
“The…the door! It’s gone!” Luigi screeched.
“What!” Yoshi screeched in reply.
“But that’s impossible,” Luigi panted. “I mean, we had just a-gone through a door, and it led us here, and now we look behind and it’s gone!”
“What could it mean…?” Yoshi shook his head, confused with what was going on and exasperated with all the confusion...
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kingdom battle
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