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HaleyDewit sagte …
Du know, I can almost always tell when a character is trustworthy oder when they're evil. Lucien was a character I trusted. I did not get an 'evil vibe' from him. I've only seen latest episode this morning and I just think something doesn't add up... oder maybe I should accept that even my intuition can be off sometimes. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Sakkara98 Kommentiert…
Well, I trusted him too, and honestly this whole "big bad" thing is kinda weird. It doesn't really fit the character imo. His Liebe for Aurora is just so desperate. He should think of himself, and choose the good side. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
HaleyDewit Kommentiert…
Well, that being sagte I'm not giving up on him just yet. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Sakkara98 Kommentiert…
Neither was I, but now it's too late :'( Vor mehr als einem Jahr
HaleyDewit Kommentiert…
Well, Du never know with this kind of shows. Vor mehr als einem Jahr