Ok guys we've all have our times were we feel that life is meaningless. Some worse than others. However im gonna try to answer this question.

I believe it does have meaning. Know the only thing left to answer is what defines life? Life is defined Von Du and nobody else. Just like a book, Du will never understand life until Du reach the last chapter. I understand how it feels to be alone and depressed. The concept of loneliness is truly sad and one everyone has experienced. However Du don't have to let it be like this because Du define what your life is.

Now, i Liebe my life. Its probably the greatest gift ever. What we do with our lives is important. Remember how i sagte life is like a book? Imagine your life as a blank journal. Du write in it everyday Du live. Now after Du die, ask yourself, is this something I want people to read? Life isn't simple. There are many factors which will project where your life will lead. Now those who say life is pointless, i can understand why. The feeling of meaning is gone when Du think about a world filled with hate, ignorance, self-absorption, and greed. Its pitiful. But i promise Du that there is something that makes life meaningful. Just one thing and its only a small truth.

Its hope. Now some may say hope is paralysing and forces us to succumb to the meaningless present. However i suggest that Hope is not paralysing. Hope is what makes the human herz and mind drives us vorwärts-, nach vorn to a brighter future. Hope is what makes Du want to continue life. Don't forget that. This is just a simple truth and i could go on about how u may approach this question. But I ask Du this....Do Du think life has meaning?

"Life. No meaning could ever be defined for it. It is like a jigsaw puzzle with many pieces to put together. Don't give up on the piece that troubles Du because maybe Du will want to see that completed image."