Lost *Spoiler* if Du have not seen The Substitute. The Numbers..

Huddyaddict12 posted on Feb 17, 2010 at 03:13PM
OMG! do u notice the numbers with the names,they r the same numbers they r typing in the swan:

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Giovanni_wasto said…
I think even a Polar Bear would have noticed that.

It wasn't exactly hidden.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr marissa said…
Thanks for tpying this out, I had forgotten which character went with which number, lol.

I wonder what it means...?
Oh, Lost, I thought we were supposed to be getting answers! lol
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Steve_McQueen64 said…
Haha, when I noticed the numbers next to the names, I paused my TV and wrote them all down on a napkin :) But where is Kate?!?!?!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr hayley_pace said…
There were other names there with other numbers as well. Go to this link and you can see them.
Like "Pace" "Littleton" "Burke" "Linus" "Faraday" "Lewis" and more were also on the wall.

Vor mehr als einem Jahr Steve_McQueen64 said…
^I looked at that link you posted, and noticed someone said 'Candidate for leader may not be the complete truth. might be candidate for a body to inhabit which would explain all men.' so Jin would be the Kwon, not Sun and it would exsplain why Kate wasn't there... good theory :)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr marissa said…
^I think you might be right, that they're bodies are what Jacob/Smokey/whoever want.