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Die Fanauswahl: Yes, I watched...
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Die Fanauswahl: All 4 Seasons of Lois & Clark
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Lois and Clark Wand

Rendadoll sagte …
Liebe Lois and Clark, wish they could have continued with Mehr seasons! gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Squall1982 sagte …
what ... only 1017 Fans ?! gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Laurencia7 sagte …
I'm getting really tired of people bashing s3-s4 on other sites. They took FOREVER! to get together on the show, and the writers tore them apart all the time! There was plenty of sizzle, and I wanted to see Mehr of them. I am glad they wrapped up what they could, the writers probably knew ABC wasn't too happy with the genre, and wanted to give the Fans as much as they could in the brief period. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Laurencia7 Kommentiert…
Imagine if they had dragged out the romance more, they could have gotten cancelled right when Lois discovered her feelings. That would be the worst. Vor mehr als einem Jahr