OMG i was Lesen a spoiler for House and then i clicked on another link (which was DS apologising to huddy Fans about the sex being fake and all) but then there is this Kommentar from Lisa Edelstein...(flailing already) and it's quoted from the site (i've bolded some of the wording)

It was certainly meaningful to Lisa Edelstein, who didn't hallucinate making out with Hugh Laurie. "Even though it didn't happen for real, I got to shoot that scene -- and I might get to shoot another later on down the road," she sagte with a laugh. Edelstein then delivered this message to Huddy fans: "Stay with me. Give Huddy time. Don't give up hope."


(the link is actually in two parts, just Mitmachen it together)

I wonder if Hugh Laurie feels the same???
*bobs eyebrows*