Watching several YouTube Videos of Linkin Park today, I realized that there is a lot of bitterness among the fans, and even though I respect how they feel, some things they say are driving me crazy.

As we all know, Linkin Park has changed their style of Musik many times. They have evolved, to be frank. They started off as young men who were attracted Von heavy music, and thus, they produced Hybrid Theory and released it. It was a huge success, yes. They performed well live, and they showed us that they are not letting fame get to their head. They were genuinely nice people with meaningful lyrics that connected to youth nowadays. They had powerful music, and they nailed everything they did.

Then a couple of years later, they released Meteora, and even though there was not a drastic difference between their debut album and this Sekunde album, there was an obvious maturity. Songs such as 'Breaking the Habit' and 'Numb' were quite different from their Zurück style. Yet, their lyrics remained deep and relate-able. Their Musik remained fresh, strong and confident.

And then they grew older. Their tastes changed. Their idea of 'better music' transformed into something else, and so, they started to produce less heavier music. Their songs were considerably soft in their Weiter album, Minuten to Midnight, but they were powerful, nonetheless. As the members of Linkin Park grew up, they started observing Mehr things about their country. In their third studio album, they were not afraid to express their opinions about the general public, the leaders and the conditions of the world. Give a listen to 'Hands Held High' oder 'The Little Things Give Du Away.' The messages are powerful! One song is actually dedicated to the time of Hurricane Katrina. These messages were loud and clear in their songs, and I think that's an improvement! I Liebe their old music, and I Liebe their lyrics and how I could relate to them, but LOOK at them now!

Then there came A Thousand Suns, and I'm pretty sure that this was the most controversial album of them all because the sound was completely different. There were speeches in it, and there were interludes, and there were just a bunch of different styles that were kind of hard to adjust to in the beginning. I admit, when I first listened to the album, I hated it. I swear to God I cried that I had been waiting for three years for THAT?! But then I listened to one Mehr time. I liked it. One Mehr time, I loved it. Another time, and I saw the pure genius of it! The lyrics, and the speeches that have been put together in the album are absolutely marvelous. The songs themselves are meaningful and beautiful. There is hardly any rap in the album, but we see Mike's awesome versatility in this album. And it is just brilliant in SO many ways, and it makes me angry that other people can't see it.

They used to sing about broken hearts, and family issues, and the problems youth faces in their first two albums. They talked about common issues, and that transformed to a much larger scale. From family feuds, they started to sing about wars. Instead of rebelling against loved ones, they started rebelling against the leaders that were harmful to the world. Instead of getting angry at people for what they had done to THEM, they started getting angry at people for what they had done to the world! Their prospect, their point of view changed into something much Mehr mature, and I, being a mere fifteen year-old, appreciate that.

They knew that they had a massive fan-following. They knew that they were taking a risk Von experimenting, and they also knew that maybe they'd lose fans. Maybe they'd lose fame, some of their money. Do they seem like they give a crap about all that? NO! They seem like they just wanted to make some Mehr Musik and see if it was a success. They wanted to pass messages to the people of today's world...

But PEOPLE fail to see that. It's frustrating. They grew older, their tastes changed. Du have to accept that. If Du don't, you're not a true fan! You're not supporting them throughout their journey. You're not trying to understand their point of view. They're a band. They are a claimed HYBRID band. They WILL experiment. They WILL try new stuff. And they WILL change their style of Musik over and over again, because that's what genius is all about.

But Linkin Park is Linkin Park. LP is still LP. They do stuff, they nail it. It's what they've always done.