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So if Du really know me in here Du have most llikely heard of me talk about my teacher who i absouletly adore and Liebe because she is my role model. Well about 4 weeks Vor me and her where in a tutoring session after school and we moved into her office. i just happened to look up at her and she was looking down at some papers, and i noticed how extremly attracted i was to her. she noticed me looking and i just ended up blushing and looking away. that night i thought about her, so much i had a dream about her too. i woke up the Weiter Tag and just blew it off, because i hardly ever fall for...
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posted by Corgilover183
For starters... It wasn't summer school. It's computer orientation. We get our computers and learn how to use the programs on it and how to actually use the computer. It's complicated. Anyways!

Right, so I was nervous. I didn't know anyone so I sat in the back of the room. Non of my old school Friends had gotten there yet. I checked in and found out who my teacher for the week was and everything and I pulled out my phone:

Me: Where r u?!
Peanut: We got stuck n traffic on the interstate! Sorry!
Me: I'm so scared! Idk anyone here!
Peanut: Chill! We got off, almost there!

I put my phone back in my bag...
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posted by Corgilover183
'What war?' May Du ask? Well let me explain. In the Frage and answer section of this club there was a Frage that regarded a man. Wait, not just a man. A pastor. So yes, Christentum has been brought up. Here is the question: People...were agreeing with this man. Does the thought of this actually happening scare Du at all? In the Beschreibung was this: I was horrified when I saw it. What would Du do if they actually went through with this? How would Du react? Would Du run oder rebel? How would Du feel if people agreed with this and made it happen?

So yeah, think about that if Du haven't...
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posted by Cinders
Sexuality is such a hot-button issue these days. "Are Du gay? Are Du straight?" But what do these Fragen really mean? How can anyone really answer these Fragen to the best of their ability, especially when we have people who are well into their fifties and sixties and still haven't figured it out?

I believe it was Alyssa in Chasing Amy who sagte it best: "I came to this on my terms. I didn't just heed what I was taught, Du know? Men and women should be together, it's the natural way - that kind of thing. I'm not with Du because of what family, society, life tried to instill in me from...
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posted by Dragonclaws
 An image from "Weird Al" Yankovic's Musik video Virus Alert.
An image from "Weird Al" Yankovic's music video Virus Alert.
A lot of people on the Internet are link. That is, there is a lot of homophobia on the nets. Some of it’s trollish, but a lot of the time it’s from people being purely honest in their anti-homosexuality. For a lot of them, I get the idea that the communication based entirely in text causes them to forget the kind of tact they would otherwise employ in a face to face conversation. Admittedly other homophobes are intelligent and write carefully written and basically civil arguments, but they all tend to follow certain trends that are often as flawed as the little trolls. I’ll cover some...
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What’s got Jared Leto starting fires these days?

Gay marriage.

The actor-musician is helping raise money for gay rights group FAIR Von taking part in an online auction of celebrity-signed prints of artist Shepard Fairey’s “Defend Equality Liebe Unites,” a poster in support of gay marriage.

But Leto did Mehr than just doodle his autograph…

After Schreiben out the actual language of the Proposition 8 ballot initiative on the back of his Fairey print, he burned it and placed the ashes in a clear glass urn with the inscription, “Here lies within, the remains of Proposition 8, may it rest in peace.” Then he signed, dated and topped it with a red ribbon.
 To give Du an idea, this is what my teacher mentioned at the end looks like. Go girl the GSA group loves you:)
To give you an idea, this is what my teacher mentioned at the end looks like. Go girl the GSA group loves you:)
One lazy morning, means one lazy day. oder sometimes it does.

Just as i woke up i could feel the dread pressing onto my head. Monday feels like another long week of 8 classes and 8 horrible aweful homeworking making teachers. But maybe this monday would be different? eh...doubt it.
"Yeah mom?"
"Breakfast!Be ready in 5 oder Du will be late!"
ugh. then theres the wonderful mother who reminds Du it's almost TIME for school.
i qucikly pulled on my Favorit ripped tight jeans, along with a pretty yellow t-shirt. i jammed my feet into my non-heeled boots and brushed my hair and put it into...
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Here is a ineteresting Artikel I found about defending Adam Lambert and defending gay men in general!
This is also talking about gay double standards!

After The Early Zeigen on CBS blurred out the “gay kiss” between Adam Lambert and a male dancer during his AMA performance, the president of GLAAD — the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, Jarrett Barrios told the media…

“The Early Show’s decision this morning to blur Adam Lambert’s KISS from the American Musik Awards reinforces an unfortunate double standard that is applied...
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 Lady GaGa delivers her speech.
Lady GaGa delivers her speech.
"Good afternoon. Can Du all hear me?

I wrote this speech, this address, myself, I've spent 48 hours trying to find the perfect thing to say. My address to Du today is called "The Prime Rib of America."

'I do, solemnly swear, oder affirm, that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies foreign and domestic, and I will bär true faith and allegiance to do the same, and I will obey the orders of the president of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the uniform code of military justice, so help me...
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posted by NCIS_Addict_87
I am the boy who never finished high school because I got called a fag everyday.

I am the girl who was kicked out of her Home because I confided in my mother I was a lesbian.

I am the prostitute working the streets because no one will hire a transsexual woman.

I am the sister who held her gay brother tight through the painful, tear-filled night.

We are the parents who buried our daughter long before her time.

I am the man who died alone in a hospital because they would not let my partner of 27 years into the room.

I am the foster child who wakes up with nightmares of being taken away from the...
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I've discussed this subject once oder twice, most notably link and then again over at link. But most notably, and most tragically to me, was when I had to deal with it link.

And that's when my herz breaks.

I have decided to write this Artikel now because the topic has come up again over at the Glee spot, where a gay character on the show, Kurt, claimed that bisexuality was "a myth," and an excuse "that gay guys in high school use when they wanna hold hands with girls and feel like a normal person for a change." It would be one thing if this had been shot down, and they guy he sagte it to, who at...
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 Well sagte Willy Wonka Well said.
Well said Willy Wonka Well said.
-clears throat- “Eh hem. This Artikel has some cuss words. And a lil bit of anger. Don't read if your one of those ignorant homophobes” -nods head- “That is all”

♀2:56 ok nonononononononon!!!! NO. NO ONE IS BORN GAY. being gay is a psychological problem. there is no GAY GENE ur not born gay!!! god doesn't make Du gay!! ur a freakin idiot. any gay person has had something in their life that changed them. no one is born gay! being gay happens to gays throughout their life. and its up to them if they want that life. so stop accusing god because of your problems. he made us all...
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Hey,yesterday I found out that I am Bi-Sexual and I told my best friend and she was totally fine with it.I'm thinking about telling my mom sometime soon.
I wrote this Artikel to help anyone who isn't sure oder needs someone to talk to about their problems.I AM BI-SEXUAL AND I'M PROUD OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So anyone who needs someone to talk to go see my page and leave me a message.
I also have a hotmail but im under sanny_rocks26 so leave me a messeage oder email.
posted by Heroine999
Yeah you.
Do Du remember me?
Du were the head surgent that ordered the other surgents not to operate on me because Du found out i was transexual.I then died of a slow painful death.,
Hey you.
Your the president who banned homosexuality.I'm the dead body hanging from a rope from a tree.
Hey you.
Your the the one who bullied me.Who beat me up.Who verbally attacked me too.Why was the reason i commited suicide.
Hey you.
Your the priest who preached that i'm an abomination.And now i"m on the floor suffcating because Du sagte i'm better off dead.
Hey you.
Do Du remember who i once was?Now that i'm in the cold ground?
Do Du know what Du are now?
Du are the devil.
posted by SouthParkSmart
Lately on Fanpop, I've been noticing a lot of people wondering if they are gay oder bisexual, in particular. They ask if certain behaviors oder feelings they have make them gay oder bi.

But really, asking other people to tell Du whether oder not Du are gay oder straight is nearly impossible. They can't be inside your head and go through what Du do every day. It's up to Du to figure that out on your own!

If that leaves Du feeling overwhelmed, don't panic! Sexuality is an exciting and often confusing journey, only to be uncovered Von you! If I've learned anything from going through years feeling straight,...
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posted by Heroine999
The regenbogen is our symbol.Our flag.When showning it means lgbt.But what does it really mean?

The regenbogen respresents our lives.Each color means something in our lives.

The bright Farben represent the ups.Like our friends.They could be LGBT oder they're accepting of us.Or our family accept us for who we are.The Farben also represent no discrimination.That there's no bullying like verbal oder physical attacks.

The dark Farben represent our downs.There are very few dark Farben the regenbogen so downs can be rare.They represent verbal and physical attacks.Also respresent discrimination and no acceptense.And Friends and family disowning you.

Bright Farben could not always be in our lives as well as dark colors.The Farben might change very quickly oder they might change very slowly.The color might just stay at that stage for good.
posted by Corgilover183
I met this girl maybe a Monat before Valentines Tag and I always talked to her. Everyday. About almost everything. She was everything I looked vorwärts-, nach vorn to when I got Home from school oder Fußball practice. Then I began to realize I was falling for her. And I guess it was my first experience with feeling real Liebe for someone. My herz literally ached for her. Meanwhile, I had another friend that I had known longer. We were pretty tight. She was a lesbian also but I saw her as a sister. We were all talking and such about things and I was very well aware of the fact that the girl I liked had a boyfriend....
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*READ THIS BEFORE GOING ON* okey dokey people.
This is just A STORY NOT REAL. it is intended for entertainment only. In no way the storyline legal in real life and i do not suggest breaking any laws. Again, this should never happen between a student and their teacher.

Living in a big city was difficult. Way too many people...way to many gossip and rumor spreaders. My secret life was slowly suffercating inside my closet. She was screaming "LET ME OUT IDIOT" so much my ears ached. Moving was exciting. A small town..more room to just...explore. I was hoping for a new beginning and...
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I hugged a man in his underwear. I think Jesus would have too.

I spent the Tag at Chicago’s Pride Parade. Some Friends and I, with The Marin Foundation, wore shirts with “I’m Sorry” written on it. We had signs that said, “I’m sorry that Christians judge you,” “I’m sorry the way churches have treated you,” “I used to be a bible-banging homophobe, sorry.” We wanted to be an alternative Christian voice from the protestors that were there speaking hate into megaphones.

What I loved most about the Tag is when people “got it.” I loved watching people’s faces as they saw...
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posted by ImBooOK
I Liebe her deeply, though she cant see knees falling out beneath me.
a gentle smile, whitch drives me wild, for whitch i cant control it.
a laugh like honey, a wink of play.
mysterious as the night, bright as day.
i hide from her, though shes always badly do i want to run my fingers through her hair.
i need her warmth, to hold me close, and yet shes so far away.
a tender kiss, on soft sweet woman lips.
a great dear friend, until the end, she loves me as i Liebe her. but knowing we can never be, unless if i grow older.

*OK i suck at Poesie so dont be all like "HEY..u suck" people...
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