You're always saving me
Season 2

PEYTON: Kind of ironic, it says ‘Naley Forever’ but it’s a temporary tattoo.
LUCAS: It’s symbolic.

LUCAS: Du miss Jake, huh?
PEYTON: Du should go.
LUCAS: Peyton!
PEYTON: No. OK. Du can’t just walk in here and ask me something like that! When is the last time we even had a conversation about something real?
LUCAS: I just thought Du could use a friend.
PEYTON: Yeah, I could use a friend, Du know but Du don’t qualify as that anymore, Lucas, because a real friend would know about all the crap I’ve been dealing with lately.

PEYTON: Why do Du have to treat him like that? Could’ve easily been you, Du know? If your dad had married his mom instead of yours.
LUCAS: Yeah, like that was ever gonna happen.

PEYTON (to Lucas): I’m starting to see who Du really are and I may be late to that party but better late than never.

PEYTON: We’re done.
LUCAS: Your loss, Peyt.

LUCAS (to Peyton): How about I distract Du from something that sucks with something that sucks?

LUCAS: Oh, Von the way, remember, right before Jake came back and Du accused me of being a crappy friend?
PEYTON: Yeah, I’m really sorry, I...
LUCAS: No. Du were right. I don’t ever want that to happen again.

LUCAS (to Peyton): Looks like it’s just Du and me this summer.

Season 3

LUCAS: Bout time! Well, I knew Du couldn’t go an entire summer without doing something in here.
PEYTON: Whatever! Du don’t know me.
LUCAS: Oh, I think I do.
PEYTON: OK, so, check it out, Tom Sawyer. If you’re lucky, I might let Du help me, and if you’re really lucky, I might even let Du pay to help me!

LUCAS: Brooke’s home. Went to the airport this morning to pick up my mom and ‘poof’, there was Brooke.
PEYTON: ‘Poof’?
LUCAS: ‘Poof’.

LUCAS: I told Brooke I wanted to be with her, today. Before she left.
PEYTON: Nice timing.
LUCAS: I’m a real piece of work, huh? I mean, every time I play it in my mind, this idiot-light keeps flashing at me. Like ‘shut up!’ ‘shut up!’.
PEYTON: Yeah. Yeah, Du say too much oder like me with Jake, Du don’t say enough and then they’re gone.

LUCAS: So it’s too bad we had to be this desperate to hang out again, huh?
PEYTON: Well, we didn’t have to be, we just are. But, I’m glad you’re here, Du know? I know we kinda Lost each other for a while but hopefully that’s over, right? Especially considering our history.
LUCAS: It’s always gonna be there, isn’t it? Du and me.

LUCAS (to Peyton): So, the whole summer and I still can’t get used to that hair of yours.

PEYTON (V.O.): At this moment, there are six billion, four hundred seventy million, eight hundred eighteen thousand, six hundred seventy one people in the world. Some… are running scared. Some… are coming home. Some tell lies to make it through the day. Others are just not facing the truth. Some are evil men, at war with good. And some are good, struggling with evil. Six billion people in the world, six billion souls. And sometimes…… All Du need is one.

PEYTON: Is it bad?
LUCAS: Yeah.
PEYTON: Let me guess, I’ve got three moms.

PEYTON: Painting while angry? That’s original.
LUCAS: Like cutting your hair.

LUCAS: Peyton, I made Du a promise. Besides, Du should be able to turn to me for help. I Liebe being that guy for you.

PEYTON: And the stars are crying out for what we could have had... This song reminds me of Luke..

LUCAS: Are Du drunk?
PEYTON: Are Du wearing eye shadow?

PEYTON: I feel like you’re always rescuing me. Also, like there’s a giant elefant standing on my head.

LUCAS: Du know Peyton, Du could learn a lot from Ellie. I mean, she struck me as tough.
LUCAS: And that’s important. But I also think Du could learn a lot from her mistakes. Don’t live Du life alone. Let us in.

LUCAS: Listen to me: I'm not leaving Du Peyton. I won't.

LUCAS: Nothing will happen to you. I promise.
PEYTON: You're always saving me.
LUCAS: Somebody's got to.
PEYTON: If I say I Liebe Du right now, will Du hold it against me? 'Cause I’ve Lost a lot of blood.
(she kisses him)
PEYTON: Just in case Du can't keep your promise.

PEYTON: God, I'm such a girl!
LUCAS: Du Liebe me.
PEYTON: Ok, that is so not fair!
LUCAS: Du probably just wanna KISS me again.
PEYTON: Dude, shut up! Ok, I kissed Du but I... I thought I was gonna die and Du took care of me so... Du know, we...
LUCAS: Yeah. I know. If I told Du I Liebe Du would Du hold it against me?
PEYTON: Luke, when I sagte that...
LUCAS: Because I do, Peyton. But it's ok because... There is this other girl, I mean, Du might know her, her name's Brooke Davis, and I am completely in Liebe with her.
PEYTON: Du don't know how good it is to hear Du say that. 'Coz I thought everything was gonna get weird again and I really don't want it to. We're ok, right? Du and me? We're good?
(This quote really made me sad =[)

JAKE: Du sagte "I Liebe you."
PEYTON: Okay, well, normally, that's a good thing.
JAKE: Du sagte "I Liebe you, Lucas."

JAKE: No, it's still a fairy tale. Don't give up on that. Look inside your herz and ask yourself, "is Lucas still there?" And if not, I'll be here.

PEYTON: I think I still have feelings for Lucas.
BROOKE: Du mean Du care for him as a friend?
PEYTON: No. I mean Mehr than that.

These 2 season were both pretty bad for Leyton...and yet we always found things to Liebe them anyways! Hope Du like the quotes!
Enjoy =]

If I told Du that I loved you, would Du hold it againt me?