Leyton Family<3 {LPF Character Countdown ; Round 4} stechpalme, stechpalme, holly ; pick the character who Du think is LEAST like her!

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Katie Fitch
Callie Torres {Grey's Anatomy}
Emma schwan {Once Upon a Time}
Daenerys Targaryen {Game of Thrones}
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Caroline Forbes {the Vampire Diaries}
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Brooke Davis {One baum Hill}
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Elena Gilbert {the Vampire Diaries}
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Piu95 picked Katie Fitch:
I don't Watch the show but from what I seen in videos, she's seems to be quite mean.
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xoheartinohioxo picked Callie Torres {Grey's Anatomy}:
From now on i will just keep copying my list from the last pick & deleting whoever was previously eliminated. This way, if you guys want to, you can see why i feel i do or don't relate very much to a character =]


7.) Callie - I love Callie, i think she's an amazing women & incredibly strong and powerful, but we just really don't have much in common. I have no interest in being a doctor, let alone dealing with bones like she does! If i had to be a doctor, I'm pretty sure I'd go the Arizona route!

6.) Katie - Oh Katie, Katie, Katie ♥ I love her, and while i love to chant her infamous line, "I'm Katie fucking Fitch, who the fuck are you?" I'm not very much like her i don't think. I mean yes, she's a HBIC & as Celine has pointed out a number of times, I'm such a HBIC she thought i invented the phrase! {haha ILY Celine ♥} but Katie is more... out there than i am. She's much more provocative than i ever will be, that's for sure!

5.) Emma - There are certain things that i definitely see in myself that i also see in Emma. The trust issue is definitely something we share. I know that might surprise some people, because i AM a really friendly person and i try to get to know people and make friendships... but I've been burned a number of times, so it's hard sometimes. Emma and i both had to take on more responsibilities at young ages than kids should have to deal with. We both have issues with our parents, although they are different issues entirely. And we're both very determined to protect the people we care about.

4.) Brooke - There are a number of things about Brooke that i relate to, it's part of the reason I loved her so fiercely through the first 5-6 seasons. Like Brooke, i struggled with the feelings that I'm not smart enough, not pretty enough, not good enough overall. And the parental problems... I had a really rocky relationship with my dad throughout my teen years & while things have gotten better, i still feel like he doesn't value me for the person i am. He's PROVED to me within the past few months alone that he doesn't truly care about my feelings... I won't get in to the details but he made it clear that political bullshit means more than my feelings over personal experiences...

Anyways. Another similarity to Brooke that i have is that when i was in high school, a friend of mine hooked up with my boyfriend. {And i know I've explained this before, but yeah, that was a big part of why i hated LP so much for a long time. It just brought up feelings i didn't want to think about.]

3.) Caroline - Goodness, it's crazy how much i relate to Caroline && how much a lot of you guys associate her with me/me with her. For the first 3 seasons, Caroline was my favorite - i felt like i understood her so fucking much... Her feelings of being insecure & neurotic - hell, i STILL struggle with my insecurities all the time! The way she felt like she was always second best compared to Elena - first she had a crush on Stefan but he went after Elena, then there was Matt who had previously dated Elena and Caroline was concerned that he was still in love with her. - And there was the problems with her father, him making her think & feel that he didn't love her, that she wasn't good enough... I just relate to all of it. I haven't been loving her lately as much as i used to because she got really hypocritical this past season, constantly giving Elena shit for being in love with Damon, yet somehow she thinks it's okay to keep up her flirtation with Klaus and grow more and more attracted to him?? I just really hate hypocrisy so that turned me off of Caroline a bit... but overall i still love her & i definitely think we have quite a lot in common.

2.) Daenerys - It might be weird to say that i relate to Daenerys this much - to the point that she's my #2 choice of who i think I'm most like - but i really do feel very strongly about this and I'll explain my reasons- At her core, Daenerys is a kind, loving, generous young lady. She has a big heart, and she tends to let her heart and her good nature help influence her decisions... but while she is a very wonderful women, Daenerys has a fire within her! She possesses a strong, powerful mind and is capable of making tough, hard decisions. While she likes to be as kind as she can be, if it ends up that she has no other choice but to make the call to fight and kill, that is what she will do & she will do it efficiently.

If you threaten someone that Daenerys cares for, or even just some random person that has done no wrong - you better watch out, Daenerys will unleash a flame-filled fury down upon you, just as if you fuck with someone i care about, or i see some asshole hassling some poor, innocent person who is struggling to defend themselves - i will not hesitate to let you know that you have about 5 seconds to get the fuck out of my sight or else I will kick your ass.

I think Daenerys is very much similar to me - we're both kind, warm people at our cores... but if you mess with us or the people we care for, you're going to see a whole different side unleashed!

1.) Elena - I'm not just choosing Elena because she's my #1 female, i swear! I adore Elena Gilbert for sure, but it's more than that. I see things in her that i see in myself. Elena is a fighter - she's been through a lot, and for a long time there, she just put on a brave face and tried to push past it or act like she wasn't hurting... but after having her emotions turned off, and then getting them back on, she finally admitted - "No, I'm not okay... but i will be." And that's ME! That's exactly where I've been - finally realizing that i was far from okay, but getting to the point where i wanted to make things different, i WANT TO BE OKAY!

And there's Elena's heart! She has such a wonderful, huge heart. She's always giving people chances, even if other people don't always support her or think she's right. Elena loves her friends & family with every fiber of her being - she would DIE for them, DID die for Matt... Elena Gilbert has been such a giving, selfless person many times & while I'm not on that same scale, since I'm not living in a world of supernatural creatures thankfully, I feel like I'm a pretty great friend. I am always supportive of my friends & loved ones, i would do anything & everything in my power to help them and be there for them. I've done a lot for the people i care about & i KNOW that i have a big heart. I know it every day because i know how i feel - i care so much for the people in my life; my family, my friends - i am happy when someone i care about is happy, when they accomplish something/have something good happen, i celebrate it. When someone i care about is sad or hurting, I hurt with them.

I just... i relate to her so much.
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mooshka picked Callie Torres {Grey's Anatomy}:
I think it's between Callie and Brooke for me.
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Brooke_Scott picked Katie Fitch:
or Callie but really it's hard right now...
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