Leyton Family<3 *SPECIAL CONTEST!* - Halloween Icon contest - Deadline: October 31st.

xoheartinohioxo posted on Oct 22, 2014 at 01:10AM
So since Rach is taking a break, i figured I'd do a special contest of my own. It's just Halloween {and i was thinking of doing Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Years & Valentine's Day as well} but we'll see, maybe more?

Same RULES: as always

1.) You have TEN days to make TEN icons.
2.) You have to make your own icons. {Duh!}
3.) No voting for yourself & PLEASE! Do NOT vote for an icon just because it's your favorite character/ship/fandom etc! Vote based on the quality of the icon!
4.) If you think you're going to join, it would be awesome if you commented to let me know! {This way if it's down to only a day or two until the deadline, i know that Fatemeh [just using you as an example boo!] plans on submitting & i will wait VS thinking nobody else plans on submitting!
5.) Icons have to be 100x100 or 200x200

Round 1 - Halloween {Deadline - October 31st}

1.) Favorite Halloween themed episode
2.) Favorite costume a tv/movie character has worn
3.) Costume you personally would like to wear
4.) Halloween texture/background
3 icons of 3 Halloween groups/parties [example- OTH 3x04 or 8x06 / TBBT 1x06, 4x11, etc. where there's 3 or more dressed up characters together.]
Artist's Choice:
3 icons of your choosing!

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