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mooshka posted on Sep 08, 2013 at 05:28PM
So starting up Twin/Triplet day again, because it never happened last time!
Okay so its simple, for starters you have a group of two or three people. You then choose a friendship and each member chooses the person from the friendship they want to represent;)Everyone's icons will have there name/nickname on it! But you can't choose a friendship that has the same person in it...if that makes sence! So say a pair chose Breyton then all friendships involving Brooke and Peyton are then off limits!{So no Paley, Brachel, etc.)

EX:Holly and I are twins and we choose the friendship Brooke and Peyton. Holly is Brooke so she would wear a Brooke icon with her name on it, I'm Peyton so I would wear a Peyton icon with my name on it. But then after that all the friendships involving either girl is out. So no one can use Brachel, Baley, Paley, Pathan, Brouth, etc. etc. So its like a first come first serve type thing;)

*Ines&Fatemeh-Margaery&Cersei {Game of Thrones}
*Nic&Celine-Brooke&Haley {One Tree Hill}
*Maria&Moosh-Meredith&Cristina {Grey's Anatomy}
*Holly&Amber-Kate &Claire {Lost}
*Bee&Atie-Rosa&Lissa {The Vampire Academy}
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