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mooshka posted on Jul 19, 2013 at 06:16PM
Hey, so I just made a new forum for this because Steph and Rach are no longer active and it's just easier to make a new forum so I can edit it. But I'm going to link the two old forums here, because they're good at explaining what exactly the bonding events are ;)

So the main point of this is to bond and to show the family as "united". So have fun with it;) Remember you cant use the same couple/friendship/character/etc if someone else has already chosen it. Sorry if you don't get your first choice, but it's first come, first serve. Besides, we all watch so many show and fan girl over so many things we're bound to get something we love. Also, submit an icon with the suggestion so icon makers can add the symbol on:)

Some Theme Suggestions:
-Male character
-Fictional friendships
-Real-Life pairings
-Au/cross over couples
-Movie couples
-TV rivalries
-Underrated Couples
-Underrated Characters
-OTH Characters
-Characters who have died
*As a theme gets used I will remove it from the list and if there is a theme that you want on the list, suggest it in the comments and I'll add it:)

*Holly-Elena Gilbert {The Vampire Diaries}
*Fatemeh-Katherine Pierce {The Vampire Diaries}
*Atie-Rebekah Mikaelson {The Vampire Diaries}
*Amber-Mary Crowley {Downton Abbey}
*Moosh-Mary Tudor {The Tudors}
*Bee-Isabelle Lightwood {The Mortal Instruments}
*Rachel-Arya Stark {Game of Thrones}
*Maria-Kate Beckett {Castle}
*Nad-Caroline Forbes {The Vamprie Diaries}
*Laura-Robin Scherbatsky {How I Met Your Mother}
*Nic-Santana Lopez {Glee}
*Celine-Haley James Scott {One Tree Hill}
*Diana-Meg Masters {Supernatural}
*Aline-Lydia Martin {Teen Wolf}
*Nikky-Piper Halliwell {Charmed}

 Hey, so I just made a new Forum for this because Steph and Rach are no longer active and it's just ea
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