Leyton Family<3 Time to meet Du well!

Eleana posted on Aug 01, 2011 at 09:49AM
Hello!I made this forum to meet you well(i mean all the member of LP Family).
You shoul write a text tell me some things about you,describe yourself,talk about your hobbie and your favourite thinks!!

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Eleana said…
I'll start:

Hi,My name is Eleana and i'm 13,5 years old!I am from Greece and i live in Athens.My country has economic crisis:((.I am a shy and sweet girl but sometimes i can be nagging,i have often nerver without reason(teen life:P).I always help my friends their problems so i am helpfull and friendly.I can say that i am very smart and i have good sense pf humor.About my hobbies,i like watching tv and movies,i love listening to musi and i like reading books!Recently i started to watch Friends on DVD!It'a very hilarius!That's me for now!I am waiting to hear about you!

Vor mehr als einem Jahr leytonfaan_18 said…
Hmmmmm. I hate writing about myself but here goes :P

Laura's the name, i'm 18 and from a little town in England. I'd say i'm pretty proud to be British, altough i'm totally not a normal Brit. I'm not reserved at all, i'm fairly outgoing and once you know me, you'll never shut me up XD I have a crazy obsession with music. Gigs are infact the shizz :P When i'm not listening to music or at my friend's record label, i'm doing charity stuff. It's a big passion of mine. Other than the charity and music stuff, being a fangirl takes up quite a bit of my life ;D haha. Friends, OTH, HIMYM, Bones and Gilmore Girls are my favs<3 LP are my OTP and have always been. Oh and of course, I love my LP family! :D
Vor mehr als einem Jahr AdaLove said…
I'm Antonia , for short Ada or Tonia . My friends call me Tonia so does my family . I'm 16 years old and i'm from Greece . I live in a beautiful village . I have a younger brother . My mum is a teacher and my dad run his own eneterprice . i love my family ♥
-->What you need to know about me is that I adore LOST ,it's not a tv show for me , it's my life .♥ when i had nothing i had lost . speak bad about my lost and you're dead . now we're ready to move on .
I like reading books , mainly English Literature but i read everything good . My favourite book series is Harry Potter Books and Percy Jackson Series . I love music . My favourite band is The Doors & my favourite song is "People are strange " .I also like Led Zeppelin , Bon Jovi , Bonnie Tyler , Pink Floyd , Adele , Lady Gaga and plenty other greek artists you deffo don't know =]
I like a lot of tv shows besides LOST and One Tree Hill. Friends , Charmed , Gossip Girl , House MD , Prison Break , Grey's Anatomy are some of them . When I have free time I watch plenty of movies .I watch anything good . My favourites are Red riding Hood , The Notebook ,Titanic , Remember Me ,Dear John , The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ,A Walk to Remember , I am Sam and more that I can't remember now =]
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Eleana said…
Thank you girls!Your texts make me to meet you better<3
Vor mehr als einem Jahr dalma said…
I'm Dalma. I'm from Belgrade, Serbia. My hometown is amazing. (: I don't have any brothers or sisters and it makes me very sad. When you first meet me, I may appear to be cold or insensitive, but once you get to know me better, you'll realize that's not true at all. I love my family and friends. <33 I love music, movies, shows and books. :) My favorite writer is Meša Selimović. He's Serbian, so you none of you has heard of him (except maybe Nad). :D I hate the way things are in my country and I wish someday it will all be much better. I start highschool this Septeber and it makes me very excited. I'm looking forward to meeting new people. :) LP are my OTP and I wish sooo much that they return in season 9, even if it's just for one episode! I love foreign languages, especially english. :)
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Eleana said…
Vor mehr als einem Jahr angiii7 said…
Hi, I'm Angela (call me Angi PLEASE:D), I'm 15, I live in Chile, but my dad is italian and my mom is greek, I'd love to live somewhere in Europe, but I kinda like my country as well. I love music and if you give me a book I'll read it in no-time, but otherwise, it's rare to see me holding one. My favorite bands/singers are; Adele, The Script, One Republic, The fray and Mika. it used to be Taylor Swift but then I realized she writes about the same things all the time and I got bored, but I still like her a lot. I love movies, all kinds, I like analizing them (I'm such a geek) and I love movies with good soundtracks, I think the soundtrack it's like the most important thing of the movie :D haha. I also love shortcuts, they usually make me cry (yes, I'm such a baby, I know). But what I love the most is social services, helping people, every saturday morning I give lunch to homeless people and it's the best part of my week, believe me, the greatest persons I've ever met, I met them there, they're my favorite persons in the whole world, I usually come back home crying after those lunchs, because it's just soo unfair, the way they live and all and I can't do much to help them, so I think when I grow up I'll become a doctor to help them somehow, but I'm not quite sure yet because I'm not that good at biology, I'm actually way better at physics (my favorite subject, I got an A on my exam :D:D) and maybe I'll study something related to that, but I'll find a way to help them, because seriously they're like the most important thing in my life. So, well those are all the thing I can think of right now. I'd love to talk to you more Eleana :)!

PS: I can be really slow sometimes, seriously, Mooshu(Mooshka) calls me Karen, as in Karen from mean girls and it's true, I sometimes act like her haha. Plus, I'm a bit crazy(maybe more than a bit, it's actually quite scary sometimes, no, I'm not joking haha). I'm like obsessed with HP and UNICORNS:D:D hahahaha.
that's it :D Oh and my english is a bit lame :/
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr angiii7 said…
wow, that was bigger than I thought...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr energizerbunny said…
Hi I'm Nikky! My birth name is Susan but I go by Nikky because my middle name is Nicole. My nicknames include Nicknack, Nicknick, Nick, Nickster, & Snickers XD.

Anyway I just turned 15 [July 27th].

I'm a total people person. I love to be around people most of the time and I love to talk. When I first meet you I'm kinda shy, but once I get to know you I let loose a lot.

I live with my parents and older brother in Hartsville South Carolina. [Go Gamecocks! lol]

I Love Italian food [Lasagna, Spaghetti, Pizza etc.] Well i just love food in general. That's my problem haha.

I don't really have a real favorite subject in school, but I guess Social Studies is easier than the rest.

Some of my favorite shows are One Tree Hill, Harper's Island, Ghost Whisperer, Falling Skies.

Favorite movies: Alic in Wonderland [Remake & Original], Willy Wonka AND Charlie & The Chocalate Factory, The Lovely Bones, Bridge To Terabithia, All Toy Stories.

The only book that I wanna read is Diary Of A Wimpy Kid [Sad I know].

I'm so glad I found the LP family. They've welcomed me in so much. I feel so comfortable around everyone. I love all of you! <333
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Eleana said…
Angi you are half greek?WOW!!That makes me to know you better!!

Nicky thanks for your text :]
Vor mehr als einem Jahr XxXrachellXxX said…
*warning.. I babble a lot XD*

Hi! :D Ok, I'm Rachel, I'm 17, I live in the USA, Florida, but I am told I have distant relatives in Finland and some in Scotland too, I think, so, yeah, confusing as anything. Now about me.. I'm pretty nice, so-so polite, sarcastic and my imagination is absolutely crazy :P I have one sister, and two brothers. I have both mom and dad, but they're divorced. I still live with my family, I am planning on going to college and I love to read. Seriously. The Harry Potter books, that's where it all started, my love towards reading. And then I begun to read other books too, but HP will always be my number 1 <3 Also when it comes to movies. I'm such a Potterhead, I have been for 10 years. And I don't see that going anywhere. Other stuff.. I love fantasy, sci-fi, comedy romance, but not too mushy romance.. I do like cutie scenes. Yep. Well, depends on the couple, to be honest. And that brings me to this. I love tv and movies, mostly tv though, and my favorite shows are Doctor Who, The Vampire Diaries, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill and Chuck. But I do watch other shows too, but those are the ones I'm most interested of at the moment. My hobbies.. I am in art school, though I myself think I'm a bit rubbish when it comes to drawing sometimes. No other hobbies at the moment. I write a lot. Fanfics, mostly. Usually with my friends online. About HP, AU characters or Doctor Who and the Vampire Diaries. I also make vids, I have many youtube accounts, way too many XD I also have a tumblr, thanks to awesome Laura who got me into it ;D I love it! <3 Now.. my favorite country is England, city London, where the most epic thing ever just happened. And I think most of you know it.. :P I met David Tennant, the awesome brilliant actor of Doctor Who and who also happens to be my favorite actor. But now, actors.. I also love Billie Piper, Matt Smith, Daniel Radcliffe, Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev and Emma Watson. Of course others too, but I have noticed that I fan those the most now. Mostly brittish people :P And now.. my OTP is the Doctor & Rose from Doctor Who. Tenth Doctor and Rose, actually, but yeah :) I love many couples, but I think I have babbled on too long to list them all. I love my converse shoes :P And! And I love "Much ado about nothing" the play with David and Catherine Tate. It was pure epic :P
So, this LP family is the best spot on Fanpop, no question :) I love you guys, and I'm so glad I get to be a part of all this :D

and now I'm done ;)
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr nicole_23 said…
Hi, I'm Nicole :). I'm from Australia, live in the city of Adelaide, 18 years old. My parents are both of Italian descent. My family comes from the town of Molfetta, which is in the province of Puglia (Apulia). I’m a student at the Institute of TAFE SA. I’m studying to be a travel agent. I would love to travel (when I get heaps of money and a fair enough job). I would like to visit Europe- especially Paris. Paris is an obsession of mine. I love it so much, my room is full of Paris related things and memorabilia of my favourite shows.

I have an insane obsession for Bones. It’s my life.

They include: Bones, Buffy the Vampire Slayer + Angel (but I love Buffy more), Charmed, Friends, Glee, New Girl (which is my new fave show), Dawson’s Creek and a few more...

I love to read, especially crime/ mystery. Reading the Kathy Reichs novels the most <3.

My hobbies include: Reading, hanging with friends, the internet and writing. I suck at sports so I don’t play sports. Watching DVDs (I love romantic comedies), TV. Reading Fanfiction. (My lives kind of sad aha).

Favorite Movies include:

The holiday, How to loose a guy in 10 days, Back to the Future, X-men First Class, Bridget Jones Diary, The Notebook, Miss Congeniality & heaps more.

Favourite singers/bands:

Adele, Nickel Back, The Glee Cast, Marron 5, Pop music- basically anything that’s out now.