Stefan Salvatore returns to an american small town, Mystic Falls, after a long time of hiding, his intentions being living a normal life. He meets Elena Gilbert, a 17-year old girl, who's just Lost her parents in a car accident. And that's where the story begins.
The Vampire Diaries, a Zeigen on the CW, is an american horror/drama series from the Jahr 2009. It's based on L.J. Smith's books, but the story in the tv-show is a lot different from the book stories.
The Vampire Diaries is about Mehr than just Vampire and relationship drama. Along with vampires, witches, Werwölfe and doppelgangers bring out the Fantasy in the show.
The center of the Zeigen is the Liebe story between Stefan and Elena, but in the story, a lot Mehr other characters are focused on, too. Many plots are followed and new relationships involve.
The plot of the Zeigen is in a short version this: The Salvatore brothers Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder), along with Elena (Nina Dobrev) and friends, run into many problems of every sort. Sometimes they survive them without a scratch, but most of the time characters end up dying.
In every episode something Supernatural and action-y happens. That's one of the things that separates the Vampire Diaries from, for example, Twilight. If Twilight is romantic and mushy, the Vampire Diaries is full of action and it leaves out the extra romance bits. Some of the scenes even fit the horror category very well.
The cast of the Zeigen has actors of many age, but most of the main characters are pretty young. One of the main actresses, Nina Dobrev, who plays two parts in the show, just won a People's Choice award for the best TV-drama actress.
The Vampire Diaries has turned into a very beliebt Zeigen in the past two years, especially around young people. Here in the USA, the third season is already half-done. The characters in the Zeigen are interesting, easy to relate to and - even if all of them technically aren't, very human.