Du became real Friends to me <3
Some nice words from your Favorit Jess,right? :P
Well Weihnachten is coming & as much as I Liebe the Secret Santa, I still wanted to give something to all of Du . So I decided to put my Liebe for each one of Du into words & I hope Du like it {well of course Du like it, I mean Du get compliments,right?}
Btw, while listening to this have this song as a backkground sound: link

Nad ;
For me Nad has this really underrated artistic side. She is so talented with graphics & should get a lot Mehr credit for what she does.She is really funny,which Du can see on her tumblr post often &she is simply beautiful.When Du look at her pictures she gepostet Du will see what I'm talking about. Her kind words make me smile so much & she's just a super fun & caring girl all around. I still hope to get to know her Mehr in the Weiter time & I wish her a happy christmas.

Elle ;
She is the nicest girl Du will ever meet, she tries so hard to keep the peace & spread the Liebe & she achieves these things.Whatever she does, if she makes picks oder Wand post' oder Artikel Du just know that it will make Du smile in the end.Elle is really fun as well, which I know because of facebook, all her post makes me laugh oder at least smile - she's our sunshine. She's also really dedicated to this spot & ofc to all your girls & I wish her a happy christmas.

stechpalme, holly ;
She's a fighter.I don't have to say more... She's been through so much & still pushes through with so much joy in her herz & when we skyped she had so many fun story's to tell & she made me laugh a lot. Also,even when it's weird to say - I Liebe her voice.. She could start a job as a story recorder {I don't know how this thing is called}, but Du know where Du read Bücher to kids & put them on a cassette ;) I hope she never gives up hope & I wish her a happy christmas.

Kelly ;
When I think of her I picture her as our "mother" of this spot. She's so talented with her Icons & graphics & I wish she would make Mehr Brathan oder Brucas stuff! Kelly is also really protective like a mother bär ;) She is always straight up honest, especially when it comes to LP vs BL , but she always fully respects everyone.She's also a really pretty girl & I adore her long brown hair - just sayin'. Also I felt honored when she complimented me on my video's, she's like a Queen & I wish her a happy christmas.

Maham ;
I can't believe how close I grew to this girl, but she's definitly become one of my closest Friends one here. She is so inspiring, not just her art work {which btw is stunning!}, but also her entire attitude.Maham is for me the smart one in this group, she's having a plan in life & knows what she wants to do later & what way she wants to go & I admire that about her. I hope she achieves all of her aims & I wish her a happy christmas.

Celine ;
When I think of her I think about how sweet & loyal she is, how nice & caring & how talented. Celine is an all around girl for me.She's so good with graphics & Icons & I wish I had her talent.She's also my husband stealer, but I don't mind because we will share our 2 man ;) Celine also is very pretty & down to earth. I Liebe how close we got in the past months [year?].& I wish her a happy christmas.

Margot ;
Well first thing I have to say to her: that voice. So stunning & I honestly hope that she will become Youtube famous one Tag oder at least get Mehr acknowledged for her work! Also I think she's really creative & has many ideas to keep this spot alive.Margot has so much potential & I bet she will come really far in life & I wish her a happy christmas!

Moosh ;
That girl is like the leader of the LPF,right? Whenever Du think of that spot - Du think of her & I think she completly deserves that title! She is always there for everyone & always makes time to check in from time to time. She is really creative & makes so many fun picks & remembers a lot of stuff. Also she's really naive {in a good way} which makes it so interesting to talk to her, she's so funny & I actually had to laugh at many responses from her. She's amazing & undestanding & I wish her a happy christmas.

Rachel ;
I just got to know this girl some while ago, but I already know how sweet & caring she is. All she wants is for everyone to be happy & no one to feel left out! She's really curious, which i love, because whenever we talk it's never boring! She's really funny & open minded & creative & I hope to see Mehr of her on this spot! She's such a lovely girl & I wish her a happy christmas.

ale ;
She is so real to me, she's not perfect & she's not trying to be, but she's honest & she is being herself & she doesn't put on some fake mask just so people would like her! She always speaks her mind, but she is also really loyal & brave! Also, hello? clothes anyone? How talented can somebody be? I wish & bet that we will see Mehr of her in some years, her clothes are stunning & she's really talented & I wish her a happy christmas!

Angi ;
I really hope to get to know her more, but as much as I have seen I think she is a lovely, caring, loyal & CRAZY girl! She seems so hyper all the time & full of joy & love. She's a really inspiring person. Also I Liebe how crazy/creative she is & when we do talk, it's always fun! She's incredibly nice & has an aura which I adore {which is so weird to say bc I've never met her} & I wish her a happy christmas.

Laura ;
She is so passionated with everything she loves & I Liebe that. She stands behind Du 100% if Du need her, even when she doesn't feel very good herself. She's a fighter as well in my eyes & never gives up. Her Liebe for Musik is adorable & I think Laura is really outgoing & one of the sweetest girls I meet on here. It's so much fun to talk to her & I wish her a happy christmas.

Steph ;
I really want to talk to her more, but what we have talked already I have to say that's she's so lovely & nice & it's fun chatting with her! She's taking care of a lot of activities in this spot & doesn't get as much credit as she deserves! I think she's a really great girl, who is honest & inpiring & I wish her a happy christmas.

Amber ;
To me Amber has such a fun side & is always there to cheer Du up & put a smile on your face. It never gets boring when Du talk to her, because she's also really open-minded & curious. Also she's honest & such a sweet girl, who sometimes stops Von just to put a compliment on your wall! Amber is dependable & Du can trust her with very important things & I wish her a happy christmas.

Dalma ;
When I first came to this spot, she was one of the first girls to stop Von & say 'hey' & welcome me with open arms! She was so sweet to me & I had to smile through our entire conversation. She's joyful & very smart & careful with her words! I hope to write Mehr with this girl soon & I wish her a happy christmas.

Chandler ;
This girl is so inspiring , she takes care of so many contest' on this side & also makes beautiful graphics & icons! Du can count on her with whatever, whenever! She's so sweet & sympathetic.Chandler also always keeps Du up to datum & her Liebe for OTH has no limits. She's really creative & I adore her patience as well & I wish her a happy christmas.

Nikky ;
I Liebe to answer her picks, there are always fun & she is reall creative with them & also comes up with new stuff. She's a sweet girl for sure & makes pretty icons, she's an underrated Icon maker IMO & we should change that :D She's super fun to talk to & I wish her a happy christmas.

Rach ;
She seems like such a beliebt girl on here, but even through she is, she's also so sweet! She's interested in your opinion & that just shows how much she cares! She's really nice & I respect her for that & wish her a happy christmas.

P.S Don't worry guys, I'm doing something like this for the BLL Girls as well, but I wanted Du to wait a bit longer just to annoy you. So if your not in this list, Du are going to be in the other one {So Cat, Kir, Maria & Mehr don't worry} :)

P.S #2 I honestly hope I didn't forget anybody & if I did, just write it down & I will put Du on here as fast as I can, because remember: I Liebe Du all & I wish Du a happy christmas. ;) haha