1. Sungyeol originally planned to debut as an actor.
2. Prior to his debut, he had small roles in various dramas such as ‘Good Job, Good Job’ + ‘Let’s All Cha Cha Cha’
3. “While acting, I stood on a play stage and after Singen in the play, I noticed that I liked Singen better”
4. During debut days, Sungyeol gained attention for being the nephew of actress, Yoon Yooseon
5. “I want to be a singer that allows the audience to become one while performing”
6. “Aren’t Du an adult if Du hit 20? I thought I was an adult, but others say that I’m an elementary schooler.”
7. “At first I doubted it, but now I think of it thankfully because I have a character now (choding)”
8. L: “Sungyeol first says ‘I don’t like you’. Then of course I go ‘I don’t like Du either’.”
9. Sunggyu: “Because Sungyeol acts like a child, he sometimes shoots back remarks.”
10. Is there something Du aren’t jealous of? DW: “Sungyeol’s chubby cheeks! Because I’m a man of the wild”
11. Which member are Du the most jealous of? SY: “L. No matter who looks at him, he’s good looking.”
12. Your position in the team? “I’m in charge of the chubby cheeks and height in our team.”
13. “People see me as cute and young, but in reality, I have charisma.”
14. If Du weren’t a singer, what do Du think Du would have done? SY: “Someone who has no job!”
15. SG: “After becoming the oben, nach oben in a lot of areas, he will live a decrepit life and travel across the nation to perform”
16. Junior Mag: “Sungyeol stated confidently that he was in charge of not listening to others and Schauspielen up”
17. A thing Du dislike the most? L: “Sungyeollie”, SY: “L”
18. The feature Du like the most (face)? “Nose”
19. Something you’re fearful of? “Seeing ghosts”
20. An animal Du resemble? “Dooly”
21. Something Du do before sleeping? “Having dreams about getting a trophy”
22. What do Du do as soon as Du wake up? “Go to the practice room”
23. Something Du always carry around in your bag? “Cologne”
24. Someone Du look up to? “CEO”
25. My sign of the Zodiac and blood type are? “Virgo, B”
26. If I had to introduce myself in a couple of words? “I can change my concept whenever”
27. The reason why I failed at Liebe last time is? “Obsession? But after getting hurt, I fixed it”
28. The reason I don’t have a girlfriend right now is? “Because I’m an idol?…”
29. The 1st thing Du want to do once Du get a girlfriend is? “Hold hands and go to the theaters!”
30. L, Sungyeol, and Dongwoo went to an orthopedics center during BTD days because their Bones popped out
31. “I kept asking if I could dye my hair because I wanted to do it too, but they sagte it wouldn’t match me…”
32. If Du could dye your hair, what color would Du dye it? SY: “Green to be really unique!”
33. “I was part of the YMCA children’s swimming team”
34. Who do Du think benefited the most from YAMO? HY: “Sungyeol. It was Sungyeol’s prime time then”
35. HY: “When I went to the fancafe (during YAMO days), there were only talks about Sungyeol. Sungyeol oppa, Sungyeol oppa”
36. HY: “Then the album came out.” L: “Sungyeol’s Fans slowly came to us. Haha”
37. “After revealing the monkey expression in my identification card, there’s nothing else to do now.”
38. “I’m doing Mehr upgraded imitations of animals. I don’t match with cool things.”
39. SG: “That’s Sungyeol’s charm. He looks handsome, but he’s not afraid of wrecking his image”
40. If Sungyeol could be any member for the day, he would be Sunggyu so he can command everyone around about cleaning
41. “There are times when I went to the convenience store with my make-up on and they couldn’t tell who I was.”
42. “When we debuted, I didn’t know how to look at the camera, I didn’t know anything”
43. SG: “He’s innocent and if he does one thing, he never gives up on it and finishes it.”
44. Fans send Sungyeol oil pastels, colored pencils, and origami paper as gifts to fit the elementary schooler image
45. “I think I won’t have to worry about school supplies later on when I have a son.”
46. “When I go out in the streets Von myself and someone’s whispering, I think ‘are they talking about me?’”
47. “My cheeks aren’t that chubby but when I see the broadcast, I look like a bulldog.”
48. Which member is good looking after L? WH: “I think Sungyeol is good looking”
49. The moment in my life that felt like a movie? SY: “After becoming a trainee till now”
50. What do to if you’re being bothered Von a relentless stalker? “I think I’ll be really distressed…”
51. A Supernatural power Du want? SY: “Powers to fly in the sky”
52. The robot I need is? SY: “A robot that’ll improve my entertainment skills”
53. What’s one thing Du never want to forget? SY: “The memories I’ve made with my family”
54. Your last Tag with the person Du love? SY: “I’ll make one last promise. That we’ll certainly meet again in the Weiter life”
55. What’s the proposal of your dreams? SY: “I’m going to confess my Liebe on worldwide television.”
56. Ideal type? SY: “I like girls who aren’t deceiving and are easy-going and cute.”
57. “When my grandmother turns on the Fernsehen and sees us, she likes it.”
58. A Japanese drama oder movie Du like? SY: “The Japanese drama, ‘Hana Yori Dango’. I like Oguri Shun”
59. “In losing our personal lives, I earned the Titel Infinite.”
60. “I want to have a Woollim konzert with Nell and Jisun nuna.”
61. Role model? “Our senior, Im Chang Jung. — he does everything well and I want to steal his talents”
62. “I am competitive in games, so I get worked up and play till the end.”
63. Ultimate goal? “Becoming a friendly singer to all people.”
64. The body part you’re most confident in? “My face.”
65. To be a man? “Put others before yourself.”
66. What brings the members together? “Infinity.”
67. Amongst the 7 members, I’m best at this! “Height!!”
68. The item I treasure the most? “Cellphone.”
69. My appearance complex is? “Nothing”
70. What I really want within this Jahr is? “To be at the top”
71. What was your first impression of BTD? “I got a really scary feeling from it, so I was worried whether oder not we could do well”
72. If Du could only take one CD to a deserted island, what would it be? “The CD we debuted with, First Invasion”
73. What is the secret behind your outstanding teamwork? “An honest conversation is important!”
74. Strengths? “Being tall and looking good in any clothing”
75. Weaknesses? “Stumbling here and there because I’m too tall”
76. First time in entertainment? “Appearing in dramas from KBS and MBC in 2008”
77. Favorit food? “Ton Katsu”
78. Most disliked food? “Bean paste soup”
79. Essen that I’m most confident in cooking? “Omelet and fried rice”
80. Pets? “I used to have a schildkröte and a parrot”
81. Favorit color? “Pink, purple, and green”
82. Items always carried with you? “Smart phone and MP3”
83. Infinite to you? “Each and every member is important and not even one can be left out”
84. Is there a Japanese artist Du like? “I like Arashi. Each of their characters are overflowing and they act well as well as sing well”
85. What is Infinite’s specialty that no other group can follow? “We’re full of our own character and color”
86. A rival to Du is? “Although there are people I look up to, I don’t have a rival.”
87. What’s your cellphone background picture? “It’s our company’s CEO”
88. “Sunggyu oder Woohyun hyung match with me using the opposing role’s script.”
89. Hobby: Watching Filme
90. Habits: Touching my navel while sleeping
91. Something I want to make mine? “A wolkenkratzer and first place”
92. My rival? “Infinite”
93. “When we’re walking on the streets, many people recognize us so it’s amazing!”
94. “I want to last as a perfect group that doesn’t lack in anything!”
95. A song Du want Fans to listen to the most? “Tic Toc”
96. A special song that guided Du in becoming a singer? “Lee Seunggi’s ‘Because You’re My Woman’”
97. “Aja aja, Infinite hwaiting, Du know that I Liebe Du guys right?!”
98. “The best creator, Lee Joongyeop boss-nim, I vow to stay at Woollim forever.”
99. Sungyeol thinks his armpits and toes are the sexiest part of his body
100. “To the Fans who Liebe us!!!! Although I say it every time, you’ll die if Du cheat on us!!”
101. “Infinite!! Since we’re one, if anyone betrays each other, we’ll go to hell like leader said!”