Deadline are reporting that The CW have a pilot in development called Heavenly, about a San Francisco attorney called Lily DeMarco (The Vampire Diaries’ Lauren Cohan) who’s partnered Von an angel-turned-human Dashiell Coffee (Lark Rise To Candleford’s Ben Aldridge), to save people from jail and their souls from hell.

They are joined Von Deputy District Attorney Sasha Nouri (Melissa & George’s Elizabeth Ho) and guided Von pastor Owen Moretti (90210′s Ryan Eggold.) The pilot is being written Von Richard Hatem (Supernatural, The Dead Zone).

Heavenly has broad similarities to the currently in-development British series Eternal Law, from the co-creators of Life On Mars, which also concerns Engel sent to Earth to become lawyers. Coincidence, I’m sure, but does the idea of Engel tackling a profession commonly linked to demons appeal to you? It seems to be what’s in vogue just now…

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