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Gaga managed to score a remarkable five awards at this year’s Virgin Media Musik Awards; beating out Adele. The UK awards Zeigen is based on Fan votes, and everybody knows Gaga has got Mehr Fans than any other person in the business.

Little Monsters helped her scored the “gong” for Best Album. The same award she was up for at the Grammy’s but ultimately lost. The UK awards put Gaga over British star, sterne Adele and her extremely beliebt album, 21.

Gaga also scored Best Video and Best Track gongs for her lead single. As if her night was not fabulous enough, Little Monsters proclaimed Gaga as the...
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Some Hong Kong Fans of Lady Gaga were left disappointed yesterday after the first batch of tickets for a konzert in the city were sold out within three hours at one outlet, the South China Morning Post reported.

Fans vied with “professional queuers” and ticket touts to secure bookings for the concert, according to the report. The tickets were available exclusively to American Express card holders, who were each restricted to eight, the Post said.

One unidentified woman sagte she was paid HK$70 ($9.03) an Stunde to stand in the queue and had been in line for 30 hours, according to the report....
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Earlier this week, British Musik mag NME set out to determine the “10 Most Pretentious Albums Ever.” The Liste includes (genuinely pretty terrible) conceptual fare like Kiss’ Musik From “The Elder,” Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Musik and, uh, Lady Gaga’s Born This Way, which somehow bested all competitors to nab the #1 spot.

How? Well, as NME writer Priya Elan wrote, “On Born This Way, [Gaga] seemed to believe in her own hype, convinced she had a message to share. Cue an album of unwieldy ‘anthems’ that couldn’t mask the fact that the fun had left the building.” Elan singled...
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Remember this picture?
In the March edition of the magazine, Gaga writes a memorandum to a handful of people. Some are dead, some are fictional, and others are not even human. However, the Artikel is mainly directed at the baseball players she may oder may not have offended during a drunken visit last year. Lady Gaga stirred up a bit of controversy when she flipped the bird at photographers, and maybe fans, as she enjoyed box seats at a Mets game.

Gaga jokes about the event and tells readers, “Google now ‘Lady Gaga at the Mets game,’ and Du will find a photograph of a not-so-sober version...
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Lady Gaga and her mother — along with an all-star group of supporters including Oprah Winfrey, David Burtka, and Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius — launched the Born This Way Foundation Wednesday afternoon at Harvard University. It’s a national antibullying effort set on promoting a “braver, kinder world.”

“I want it to be part of the natural fabric of schooling, so that someone knows that it is not OK to be intolerant of your children, it is not OK to be unaccepting, it is not OK to be violent because Du don’t understand,” Gaga sagte during the launch...
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Lady Gaga reportedly wants to have a baby within the Weiter year.

The 25-year-old 'Born This Way' singer has apparently decided to start a family with boyfriend and 'Vampire Diaries' actor Taylor Kinney.

A Quelle said: ''She's already doodling baby names on scraps of paper. She's been bragging about how beautiful their children will be because Taylor is so handsome.

''She wants everything with him - love, marriage and a family. But she's set on becoming a mother before they think about anything else and she's talking about giving birth in the Weiter year.

''You know this is the real deal because she...
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Lady Gaga's ex-boyfriend Luc Carl has opened up about his bad romance with the pop superstar in a new memoir.

In The Drunk Diet: How I Lost 40 Pounds... Wasted: A Memoir, Carl admits his former Liebe was right to dump him before her career took off - and he admits he struggled as she became a phenomenon.

He writes, "The break-up with my girlfriend was my rock bottom. It took me about a week to realize she was right. I was f**king miserable, and it wasn't her fault. It was my fault for being a drunk a**hole. I would have left me, too."

And when she became a pop sensation, he adds, "I was happy for her, of course, but I didn't really need my ex shoved down my throat."

According to Life & Style magazine editors, who obtained the excerpt from the book, Carl and Gaga started dating in 2005. They teilt, split for good three years later.
Lady Gaga is reportedly ''furious'' about plans for a biopic of her life.

The 25-year-old 'Born This Way' singer is sagte to be ''cringing'' at the idea of having her rise to fame portrayed in forthcoming film 'Fame Monster: The Lady Gaga Story'.

While producers are on the lookout for an unknown to play Gaga, the woman herself is believed to be raging over the news.

A Quelle said: ''She's furious, she's cringing at the thought of her life being exposed on television.

''Gaga doesn't want it getting out because it will portray her as insecure and needy. [She] wants to be seen as powerful and strong.''...
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Lady Gaga is sagte to be furious at reports that a biopic of her life is being planned - without her consent. According to Life and Style magazine, Lady Gaga has learned that there are plans to make a movie about her life and her rise to global superstardom. A Quelle close to the Monster singer told the publication that Gaga is "he's cringing at the thought of her life being exposed on television."

The producers of the movie, to be entitled "Monster: The Lady Gaga Story" are reportedly still searching for the perfect actress to play the role of Stephanie Germanotta but apparently they want "a total unknown." The reason gegeben for Gaga's reaction to the movie is that she does not want to be portrayed as "insecure and needy," for fear that it will undermine the "powerful and strong" image that she likes to portray. The rights to the movie were originally bought Von Lifetime but now they are being shopped around once more.
Lady Gaga thinks she will ''die of excitement'' over her forthcoming tour.

The singer is currently rehearsing for her Born This Way Ball, which starts in Korea in April and will then make its way around the world, and can't wait to share the live spectacle with her fans.

She tweeted: ''Can't wait to meet all the new monsters in places I haven't been yet (sic).

''I never dreamed this new tour would explode with Liebe like it is. Thanks for always having my back. Wait till Du see the Musik come to life

''The new Zeigen is easily the most fun I've had on stage in ages, + YOU'RE not even there yet! IM...
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As the most modern of stars, Lady Gaga is a veritable doyenne of Twitter... so what better way to 'leak' her 2012-2013 tour details.

The 2012 Grammy performer shared the tour’s official poster, a bit of homework' she says she finished early and felt compelled to leak after too much wine,' on her account tonight.

Its Gothic monochrome Design features the singer's large, sepulchral visage peering out from ominous clouds above a medieval schloss in the same architectural style as The Born This Way Ball’s stage Design sketch.
Hold onto your hats... oder prosthetic horns: It's the Lady Gaga Born This...
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I can’t sing like Lady Gaga. I can’t abrasion coke-cans in my hair like I absolutely can’t bedrock out Alexander McQueen shoes like her. Actually, I can’t do annihilation like her except… accept to Musik like her.

I assuredly got my easily on a brace of the high-performance in-ear headphones, Heartbeats, and approved them out. Verdict… I absolutely adulation them. The complete and accuracy is A-MAZE-BALLS, and don’t even get me started on the bass. I’m not an ever boastful guy but I accept to admit, I adulation assuming off the sparkling bling. I’ve never broken my...
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If Du like celebrity status and number of loyal followers as Lady Gaga, link launching a new headset seem like child's play, why we now have the Weiter version of the Beats Von Dr. Dre get Heartbeats 2.0, as is inspired Von the the symbol itself.

The Zurück model, with its triangular shaped earbuds has now been replaced with a series of buds covered and Mehr lugs on the cable directly to the earphones. Inspired Von their own crazy outfits, which marks often much of tunnels, and a smaller package, which should ensure a Mehr comfortable seat, though with the appearance of the tunnel, we would caution...
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posted by chenziling
Lady Gaga says her inspiration on the back of the "Heartbeats Von Lady Gaga", link"In the deepest Stunde of the night, I admit, write three things that I would die if it is forbidden to me, to love, forbidden oder prohibited ., Fashion Heartbeats embody the trinity of my human being, with an extra vow .. that sound matters Wear heartbeats pray each other, and celebrate the artistic work and the life of Musik "

The goal of the Beats Von Dr. Dre Headphones from Monster family in general was to improve the hearing meeting and listen to songs, the way the designers make it heard. Jimmy Iovine, chairman...
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posted by leonchii
GaGa will start touring before this summer. She sagte that the new tour will be electro pop opera.

I hope it will be even Mehr amazing and bigger then The Fame Monster Ball. I heard this on Open Radio, information is confirmed, they only say the truth, so they are preety cool. I hope she will have awesome dancers like before and whole bunch of unusual clothes. ase
+ I don't thin that Born This Way failed. People are justnnot ready. And the world s in a mess situatio right now, all the Adele fuss etc.
Hey guys, I have stumbled across a site that I thought I’d share with you. It is mainly for buying stuff like music, mp3 downloads and dvd’s Von ‘The Lady’.
The products are supplied directly from amazonas, amazon so I guess this site is affiliated to them but there is loads of information about each item and reviews from Zurück customers and all the Lady Gaga stuff is in one place.
There is also a link to a sister site which is very similar but for Michael Jackson fans.
There are also some Links to some pretty cool health products which Du might find useful!!
I have used this site and found it to be easy to read and navigate and the goods that I ordered arrived quickly and were well packaged.
Anyway, I just thought I’d share this with you.
Here is the site address
Cheers Vince
posted by boy123
Well as Du might have found out Lady GaGa has been sewed for one reason and heres the story:

Lady GaGa made a song that is very bad because the Titel I can not say I'm Still ******* Du I think thats it. Well she made a song similar to that and one of her dancers sagte " I'm not performing this song" Lady GaGa had then fired him! Then the dancer had finally decided to sew her for such a bad song! So now Lady GaGa is sewed. The Judge Says " Either Du get rid of that song oder Du re name it a diffrent song" I haven't heard anything for it yet. But when i do I will contact Du and tell Du right away! Ok! Lady Gaga didn't make the choice. So do Du think She should get rid of it oder rename it! I say rename it so she still gets Mehr Ansichten and a better cerear and everything And Mostly..... FANS!!!!! So lets help Lady GaGa I fell bad for her! Team GaGa 4 eva!
posted by chenfeifei
Artist and ambassador Dr. Dre, Interscope Geffen A&M Chairman Jimmy Iovine and Monster, link the baton in audio/video accessories, are appreciative to Werben the official accession of Heartbeats Von Lady Gaga, the latest accession to the badly accepted Beats Von Dr. Dre headphone ancestors from Monster.

"Heartbeats Von Lady Gaga" are engineered to bär all the Musik the artisan advised Du to hear, with absurd sonic clarity, anguish bass, and all the ability accepted Von today's music. The self-inspired design, including every detail developed with Lady Gaga, is both a altered absorption...
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So on oben, nach oben of the many other awards and achievements that Stephanie has under her belt, she can now add having received the Titel as the Number 1 Celebrity Von Forbes in their oben, nach oben 100 Berühmtheiten Liste to her list. She beat out a lot of her fellow musicians and artist simply due to the fact that she is constantly worknong and promoting herself. I was actually pretty impressed when I read this article: link

So for all Du up and coming artist who are looking for an example to follow that will help Du achieve great succes, according to Forbes Du should model yourself after Lady Gaga who's real name is Stefani Germanotta. She is an example of doing everything right and not letting fame go to your least so far.
Lady Gaga newest dream? To become ordained to marry people.

She wants to marry people on stage, like it's all part of the show, but it would be official at the same time! Jean Paul Gaultier would be the exclusive designer for these sorts of shows.

Lady Gaga would also like to marry her BFF Tricia once she has the papers to do so....we mean she would oversee the ceremony.

Check out this video of her Singen the hit "Marry the Night" on Ellen Degeneres.