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RP_Puzzle posted on Jun 13, 2009 at 05:31AM
So I was watching the Labyrinth today and wondered what I have learned from Labyrinth. Then I thought of a couple of things, so I was wondering if you guys have learned anything else? Here's what I've learned:

Don't steal babies
Don't accept peaches from friends
Rocks friends
Life isn't fair
Bad things happen when they're a "piece of cake"
Forever's not long at all
Crystal balls hold dreams
"You have no power over me"
Owls are really Goblin Kings
You can't take anything for granted
Things aren't complete without sparkles
If you don't have a marker, use lipstick
Don't choose down
If they're not your friend, they're a bosom companion
Fairies are mean
When someone says you're not on the right track that means you are

Can't think of any more...can you guys think of any?

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr GypsyMarionette said…
This is great.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ParaBowiefan94 said…
I'd say be careful what you wish for, to forgive, don't be cowardly, give new people (like a stepmom) a chance especially if they're only asking you to babysit only if it won't interfere with your plans and people don't like it if you're possessive in a relationship. (I wish poor jareth could have learned that sooner. ;(