Labyrinth Du know that you're a Labyrinth Fan if...

safben posted on Jan 24, 2009 at 04:01AM
1.You have the movie
2.You have the Jareth action figure
3.Your room is filled with toys and costumes
4.You accidentally wished your little sibling away
5.You act out scenes from your favorite fantasy books
6.You have been watched by an owl
7.You were confronted by a tall, mysterious figure
8.You ate a peach that made you forget everything
9.You were trapped in a bubble, but you escaped by throwing a chair against the bubble and the bubble shattered
10.You met a worm who told you what the right path was
11.You asked two doors which door leads to the castle and which leads to certain death
12.You were trapped in a dark Oubliette
13.You take a lot of things for granted
14.You were surrounded by a fire gang that tried to take your head off
15.You went through a Bog of Eternal Stench
16.You confronted the tall, mysterious figure again, but defeated the figure
17.You saved your little sibling
18.You had only 13 hours to finish a dangerous quest
19.Your friends include a small fox who rides on a dog, a big, red monster who has a big heart, and a small goblin who betrayed you at first, but then became your best friend
20.You have the movie soundtrack
21.You have read some or many Labyrinth fanfiction
22.You have created your own Labyrinth fanfiction
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Jareth_baby2010 said…
AH! YES! I love Labyrinth...but I can't say I've I've been trapped in a bubble like that before...:)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr shadowlotr said…
I don't think Ludo is a yeti...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Emm_xD said…
big smile
LOL! I'm an addict.. :) <3
Vor mehr als einem Jahr GirlAnachronism said…
Labyrinth is the BOMB!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr RP_Puzzle said…
OMG yeah I want to run around in one of those big beach ball like bubbles you can walk in! I want the movie soundtrack very much, but I'm short on cash right now ;_;.

I'd like to add you've read a bunch of Labyrinth fanfiction, made your own fanfiction, read the manga Return to Labyrinth. Honestly I think you're a huge fan if you're this guy: link

Also if you know how to manipulate crystal balls and love sparkles. Gotta have sparkles.
last edited Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr SebbyxEverlove said…
...Or maybe u just randomly quote lines from the movie in chronological order to all your friends and they stare back at u like "Wtf are u tlking about dude?" and u just keep going until u feel like stopping :) *sings* "makes no sense at all...makes no sense to fall...FALLING..."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr crestfallen96 said…
yeah I can recite the entire movie
Vor mehr als einem Jahr butlerstears said…
...if you wear a hat that says, "It's so stimulating being your hat." :-) CafePress ftw.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr JarethFan said…
big smile
i know alotta the words and practactlly act like im in the movie!

jAretH faN
Vor mehr als einem Jahr puloobestreet said…
...if you get upset that your nephew doesn't wanna watch it and your other nephew is too scared to watch it then you end up singing magic dance all day then put your david bowie shirt on for bed. true story=) haha
Vor mehr als einem Jahr DracoMalfoy-- said…
i love it and i do recite the movie, and iif i had a david bowie poster (him as jareth) i would kiss it all the time!!!!!!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr -PINK_FLOYD- said…
big smile
I love this! XD
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Margarita12 said…
If only Labyrinth was real, but Labyrinth will always be real to me no matter what