such a sweet young girl, so much potential. But worked under mistress Orial... she must have been through alot of trouble... knowing Orial, Tess would be dead if caught.... "Miss Lorella? May I ask a question?" Tessa asked looking at the kind fay woman. "yes Tessa?" "I was thinking if I can work under the King of Goblins? I apoligize is i'm mistaken but King Jareth doesn't hire sprites?"
Tessa asked looking hopeful. just what i was thinking! i will ask his highness tommorow at the castle. besides, i'm moving into the schloss tommorow. Lorella thought. "I will ask his highness tommorrow at the castle." Tessa looked up. "thank Du Ms Lorella"


Jareth paced back and forth. where is Lorella? she should have been here an Stunde ago.... I need her to tend to my servants and make sure they are doing what they need to be doing.


"right down this door and we will be into the castle. come along Tessa." Lorella sagte opening a brown door. i'm an Stunde late. Jareth isn't going to be happy... thought Lorella. Tessa was nervous and worried. she was worried that Mistress Orial would find her. "Tessa, we are in the thron room. pay attention. His highness isn't going to be happy. we are an Stunde late."
Lorella sagte looking at Tessa. i wonder what King Jareth looks like. Mistress Orial and her fay Friends sagte he was charming and handsome.. Tessa thought. "Lorella where have Du been?" Jareth asked without looking at her. His gaze was out into the labyrinth. "Jareth, I was late because a sprite wandered into the a Goblin Kingdom. She claims to be coming from the Havendish Kingdom and worked under the hand of Mistress Orial Von Duke." Lorella sagte noticing Tessa looking around. Jareth noticed the sprite. Her blue hair was put into a pony tail. her bangs were in her eyes and she had to blow them out. Jareth never saw her eye color yet. "and what is the sprites name?" he asked looking at Lorella. "my name is Tessa." Tessa sagte curtsying. "Lorella take her to the servant's quarters. i need Du in my office later when Du have time." Jareth sagte returning his gaze to the window. "yes Jareth." Lorella sagte leading Tessa out the door.
phew. i thought i would be rejected...