1. Du really like peaches and think everytime Du eat a pfirsich you'll end up dancing with jareth in a bubble.

2. Du can recite all of the movie.
3. Du try to wish your sibling away to the goblin king.
4. Du try to wish yourself away to the goblin king.
5. Du own an over abundance of labyrinth tshirts and paraphernalia.
6. You've Lost count of how many times you've watched the movie.
7. Du own the DVD oder VHS.
8. some retarded twilight Fan asks u what team are Du on? Du answer Team Jareth. (I can't stand twilight and it's Fan base).
9. Du quote oder make labyrinth references and confuse everyone.
10. You've played the crotch drinking game and have gotten drunk.
11. You've always wanted to dress up as jareth and on Halloween Du get invited to a Halloween party. Problem is it's in a week and Du have literally no time to order the wig oder buy supplies for the costume. And Du are totally disappointed.

12. Du have a huge crush on jareth and/or david bowie.
13. Du think ludo is adorable.
14. Du want to dress your dog up for Halloween as sir didymus but your parents and dog won't let you.

15. Du notice there's something up with jareths pants. (If Du know what I mean ;)
16. Du laugh when your bf/friend has seen the movie before and just finds out that jareth is sporting a huge boner.
17. Du draw jareth all the time.
18. Your heads in the gutter everytime Du watch labyrinth.
19. Du really think jareth wasn't really a villain and actually loved Sarah in some way.
20. Sarah says Du have no power over me to jareth Du then reply with "you stupid bitch," and feel sorry for jareth when Du see his hurt face.
21. You're happy your name is Sarah.
22. Du think jareth looked rejected after Sarah sagte Du have no power over me.
23. Du read and write a ton of labyrinth fanfiction.
24. Du have seen the girls Weiter door deviant art comic and YouTube series Von pika la cynique.
25. Du think the labyrinth Manga sucks.
26. Your laptop background is jareth.
27. Du want to name your child either jareth oder Sarah.
28. Du desperately wanna read the actual book.
29. Du find labyrinth references in other media. (For example I thought the Musik video concept for Angel – Jäger der Finsternis eyes Von New Year's Tag looked like a darker, Mehr twisted version of the labyrinth ball scene. It's what inspired one of my fanfics).
30. Du are reduced to watching labyrinth on your laptop with headphones because your family is sick of hearing and watching labyrinth for the 100th time.