L Suppose L found his way into another anime. How do Du propose he'd go about it?

IllusionDolls posted on Feb 20, 2014 at 12:38AM
This is just meant to be silly. ^_^ ... You do exactly as the title of the forum says. Suppose L went to another anime (ex: L wakes up in Hetalia), and if this were to happen, what do you think he would do there (ex: if he went to Higurashi, how do you think he'd try to figure out what is going on and how quickly would he be able to?)?

I'll start. Explain a situation you believe to be likely, if L stumbled into the world of Soul Eater. =)
 This is just meant to be silly. ^_^ ... Du do exactly as the Titel of the Forum says. Suppose L wen

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr SketchWreck said…
omg! i'v always thought of that and always wanted to ask someone that!! :O XD thats certaintly something he wouldin't expect, someone should definently write a fanfic about that or something! BTW if both) L and Light landed in the soul eater universe and became partners...then whos the weapon and whos the meister??
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