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posted by kyoyatategami2
 Celia Hanajima
Celia Hanajima
Celia's P.O.V

"dad, Do I really need to come?" I asked
Of course! All your Friends are going to be there!" my dad says
"But, I wanted to stay in America for the summer!'
"Well too bad" he says
Im Celia Hanajima! Part American, Part Japanese.
My dad's making me go to Beyblade summer camp.
"alright dear, were here!" I cam out of the car and got my stuff.
"seeya dad" I KISS him goodbye and he drives off.
"wow...this place is soo cool"
Then I saw Masamune, Zeo and Toby.
"Hey guys! They turn and I wave.
"Cece!" Zeo shouts and I hug all 3 of them
"Im so glad Du made it!" Masamune shouts
"Hey Celia! Du made...
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Hello this is my first story and I really hope Du enjoy
The main characters: Kyoya Tategami from Beyblade and Miku Hatsune from Vocaloid
Secondary Characters: Hagane Ginga, Madoka Amano, Yu Tendo and Benkei

First Tag of summer just went.What could be better? Sun, beach, parties and of course "Beyblade"
And to celebrate the first Tag of summer, Kyoya and his Friends went to the park to participate in different bey battle.Hours passed, and Kyoya gone. The only opponent he was suitable for him was Ginga but Kyoya knew that it was not strong enough for a new confrontation.Boy walking alone in the...
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 kyoya tategami
kyoya tategami
Kyoya Tategami layed down on his crates in his warehouse and sipped on his soda laughing at benkei and the other members of the face hunters.He couldnt help but laugh. When an angry girl came through the door."Kyoya Tategami!!!!" she yelled and the looks of it she wasnt happy. Kyoya got up from the crates and smirked while walking to her.He sighed and took out his leone.He put it on his launcher and smirked evilshly."Is this what Du want?" he asked. she chuckled and took out her bey and laucher and sagte yes.they both were fighting against each other as their beys spinned and after a while...
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kyoya tategami
posted by kyoya02
"Tobby!" "i'm not Tobby!" " Du did this to him it's your fault this wasn't the deal!" sais zeo "i have no controll over his actions!" " dont tell me Du used me to get to Tobby!" zeo yells!

Weiter capter

"no! no! no!" yells jack " Du were not sopposed to beat us!" yells damion " Tuff luck" kyoya sais back "hey Du kyoya lets get in dr. zigorots rocket ship city!" sais masamoonay " so the city is a rocket ship!" yells madoka "we have to teilt, split up me, masamoonay and gingka will go up this path the rest go up the other!"sais kyoya "H D acadamy guys!" sais masamoonay " leone king lion taring blast!" yells kyoya "wow... there really is no stopping that guy" sais masamoonay " that's kyoya for you..." meanwhile... "lets hide ok there gone!" sais stubasa
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Source: this picture is apmazing
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tategami luka megurine
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I tried to stay as close to the story line as possible, but Kyoya is a bit OOC at times. >.<
I apologize for all my grammar mistakes ;A;
It was originally written in 3rd person, so when I went through and used Find/Replace in word, it screwed up...
You walking along the side of the road, glancing at all the busy people around.
"Someone! Please, help me!" Du heard a cry in the distance. Having nothing better to do, Du slowly made your way towards it. As Du arrived, Du spotted a young boy, struggling against some of your old acquantinces, the face hunters.
Glaring, Du calmly strode...
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posted by Raallss
Please Kommentar !@!

As the time past kyoya and Aimi started to like each other very much !
Kyoya was in the house when suddenly Nile came worried and sagte :
Nile: kyoya come quickly there has been an accident in the new bey park(Kyoya and Aimi's Favorit place )Kyoya started thinking :Hmm...we had to meet there 10 Minuten ago.....oh noo..!
Kyoya ran into the bey park an sees Aimi on the ground !Kyoya rushed to the Hospital......
He was very sad because he thought that it has been his fault that Aimi was in the hospital!.............................................♥♥
To be continued !@!@@!♥♥♥♥♥
 Aimi!(I didn't find a other pic.....♥♥)
Aimi!(I didn't find a other pic.....♥♥)
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