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posted by SelenicSoul7
1) Lessen your smiles and laughter. This is the single most important step. Even before Du get to characteristics, remember: Du can laugh as much as Du want over a joke Von yourself in a quiet place, in your own mind, oder at home, but when a person tells Du a joke, oder something funny oder joyful, don't smile oder laugh. (Although, an evil smile can make Du look mysterious {like that pic} →) Be nice; express your emotions Von your words and not Von your facial expression.

2) Be classy. Ciel is an English noble, who must succumb to a higher standers of manners. Just keep it classy. "Please" and "thank you" are always a must.

3) Look androgynous. Honestly, Ciel could be cast as a boy oder a girl. Nothing makes him distinctly one gender (and in one episode he wore a dress to sneak into a party). The haircut also plays a factor in his androgynous appearance.

4) Be intelligent. Ciel is very smart for a twelve/thirteen Jahr old. He has to be in order to take over "Funtom" and solve crimes for the queen. First of all, read attentively. Nonfiction is even better. Second, pay attention in school and try to expand your education whenever possible. Du never know when your knowledge will need to be applied to the current situation.

5) Make sure Du are always well groomed and looking your best before Du appear in public. This means that Du need to dusche daily. Wear deodorant and wash your face daily. When picking out your clothing for the day, know what looks good on you.

6) Choose any color of clothing. Keep most Farben dull and neutral. Save anything brighter for special occasions. Black is not necessary. Ciel normally wears a green blazer with matching shorts. On special occasions he wears a dark blue shorts-suit with a ruffled hemd, shirt and a matching oben, nach oben hat.

7) Be independent. Du must be courteous, but never bend over backwards to please others. your time and availability and draw boundaries with others so that they are aware of your limits. Ciel is very aware of his limits but never lets anyone else remind him.

8) Ciel has a somewhat Gothic style, like his skull cane and pendant. He is into Mehr subtle colors; black, blue, green, and grey-red are normally associated with goth. His style is mostly 'classy goth' oder 'kodona/boy lolita', so those are ones to look up.

9) Don't overreact. Not ever, even if something happens to be funny to others; just watch them laugh and insult them under your breath. When something is surprising, pretend that Du already knew about it.

10)Read up on current issues and events in the newspaper and other legitimate sources. As an earl in the 19th century, Ciel has to be aware of current
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