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Discussion and thoughts on Chp 67 *WARNING SPOILERS*

Okay so when Chapter 67 starts, how old is Ciel?
Was there an age oder Jahr gap that they didnt cover? The over all tone felt different. And whats up with the p4 people. After a while though it got back into the swing, schaukel of things with the queen's mission and all. Yana is full of suprises, isnt she? XD

Bassy showed feeling for the victims of the school Scandal when he sagte ti Ciel:

"This is why I hate human beings, worrying about appearences even at times like these."

To those who says that he doesnt care.....

EAT THAT! *coughs* Srry

Anyway, the plot twists again at the end, and how did i know sebastian was GOING to be the supervisor? I guess Lesen Black Butlergives Du that insight into predictibility in an unpredictable way XD

........so that is what i thought about the new chapter. What about you?

hmmmmm. What? Didnt read it!? Click here:

 Animeanimal posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Kuroshitsuji Antwort

saying_shiro said:
was there a time skip? I had no idea, but in the Zurück chapter lizzy was asking about what happened to Ciel in the '1 month' and I was like what 1 month?

I actually like that fact that Yana made a plot on school we get to see Ciel actually go to school, which I look vorwärts-, nach vorn to.

I actually don't like the new character designs that much, except for Gregory Violet. The the introduction to the school isn't very interesting like all the other introductions to the other plots that the Autor has made.

But all in all I'm looking vorwärts-, nach vorn to the developments to this Weiter problem.
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
yup I agree
Animeanimal posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Wasnt she refering to the 1 Monat when the mansion burned and Ciel went missing?
girpandababies posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
oh well i meant the time lapse from chapter 66 to 67 it seemed like Ciel was a little older to me. Idk i might be paranoid, but it seemed like i was missing something.....
Animeanimal posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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