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 Kowalski and Eggy
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Kowalski and Eggy <3 snowcones! XD
the penguins of madagascar
smart one
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Die Pinguine aus Madagascar
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One time Kowalski went to his labroom and he finds a banjo! Kowalski thought,"Is this for me?" Well it is his! Anyways,he grabs the banjo and now plays it. Kowalski is now feeling like a rockstar pinguin of all smart penguins! Currently he plays the banjo with Skipper,Private,and Rico.Kowalski now has something that he could play an instrument.He sang a song to Marlene. But the one and only one is Dr.Blowhole hated Kowalski with his banjo.He decides to steal the banjo from Kowalski and to Zeigen that he is a delphin rocker.But at night,Kowalski and the other penguins went to go to sleep.As they're...
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It's Kowalski's poem for Doris the dolphin! XD
ppenguins of madagascar
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It's afternoon, and the penguins are relaxing at HQ. Skipper is working on intensive trainings, Private is watching the Lunacorns, and Rico is looking at the "Kaboom Monthly" Magazine. Kowalski, having nothing else to do, decided to go to Doris and try to talk to her. Unfortunately for Kowalski, he is very shy, and he is afraid he might say something to upset her.
Kowalski stands behind her habitat, anticipating what he should say.

Kowalski: *Takes deep breath* Ok, here it goes.
Kowalski jumps up and stands at the rim of the large delphin habitat, his herz beating at a fast-paced rhythm. Doris...
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