Küssen Did Du ever "practice" kissing?

Pick one:
No (person had bas breath/too awkward/or the like)
Scary (I was so scared!!)
Intimidation Factor Activated
Too Shy
I [or the other person] Ran Away
We touched tongues (like licking ice cream together oder something)
Um~~ I am working on it/working up to there/keep trying
A Küssen booth kiss/es yes-for practice
and NOBODY better try it till I am ready either!
I'm ready
Yes-I practiced on a plushie
I did-I practiced on Obst
Yes-my hand
I practiced in the mirror Küssen oder kissed it
A popsicle
It was a surprise KISS someone else wanted
I practiced Küssen a picture (screen, poster, etc.)
I practiced Von Küssen with a best friend {same sex}
Yes- practiced Küssen an animal/a pet
Yes-I practiced with someone younger
Yes-I practiced Küssen with someone older
Yes-I practiced with a sibling oder cousin/family
Yes-I practiced with my friend (opposite sex)
I just practice Küssen with anyone
Yes-More than one/or a combinaion of several Antwort
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 kitsune-no-hime posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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