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"Twilight,where are you!"Cloud yelled as he sifted through the wreckage that used to be Agrabah.Sora was sitting on a ledge staring down at my Keyblade.
"I could have saved him...I-I could have-"He tried to say,but wolke cut him off.
"Shut Up Sora.You did all Du could.They carried him off.It's them Du should be angry at.He can't be dead.At least the heartless are gone."He continued his search.
"For now."Sora added.He got up and began looking too.Soon after,Cloud gasped.
"I've got it!We go to Disney Castle!We can rest and get help with this."He gestured at the rubble."Cause' Twilight ain't here."
And after traveling
"Are Du two alright?"Mickey asked.
"Tired,and also...We need help."Sora said,holding out my Keyblade.Mickey examined it thoroughly.
After Sora explained what happened,Mickey said,"I can think of two places they could have taken him. Hollow Bastion,and Maleficent's Palece,where the evil energy is strongest.
Just then the floor below them shook as something broke through a wall.Mickey summoned his Keyblade.
"We have visitors."He sagte grimly.
Sora and wolke summoned their weapons as well.And Sora said,"They're back."

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