Hi, I'm Dilini. A Fan girl from Sri Lanka. I've seen Du from Boys over Flowers. It's really awesome. And I Liebe it.
So Yi Jung character is really Suits for you. I currently watching it.
Honestly I wanna say something about So Yi Jung because he changed me. He helped Chu Ga Eul to give up on her ex boyfriend. I was in the same situation then. So it helped me to heal myself.
I know it's a character but it was you. I wanna say thank Du very much. I can wait for my soulmate now.
I really Liebe you. I know so many Fan girls say that, so I'm one of them too maybe. Here's some Mehr Liebe from me.

Dear Kim Bum you're so adorable, Du have a nice smile and then your eyes are shining. Actually I think they can talk. When I'm sad I just look at your smile, then I can forget everything. Du know I have a big poster of Du on my almirah.. :) This is so true Du were the cutest one of F4. This is so true celebrity.
Du are so great. Keep it up KB. I'm really proud to be a Fan of you. And one Tag I need to see Du and talk to you. Hope you'll give me a chance.
Good luck for your success..
Hope you'll read this one day.
Thank you. :)