Here it goes again eh?!?!
Well im back on the road and it the sun is shining, so all isnt bad! After the promo trip Ryan and I done at the start of the month, I had 1 week of to sort my life out before I left and it just wasn’t enough time….ive left everything behind me and I have packed the most ridiculous pile of C**P that I possibly could have but sure hi….. “Rock n Roll!”

Only good thing is I have a week to chill out and have a few laughs before the real hard work starts to begin!!! So I had a Tag of in NY and now im heading to philly for a few days, so im looking for ward to that….

The Lads and I were rehearsing the new Celtic Thunder Zeigen in Dublin before I left on Sunday and this tour is for definite the best yet, its gonna be so much fun to perform so be sure not to miss out!!! Du can see the tour dates and ticket sales @ link . So don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!

The surf wasn’t great most of the summer …as expected so I never got a farewell wetting of the head before I went… maybe I’ll get a chance to go and hit the hurricane on the East cost…infact…I am gonna hit it!

For any of Du who tuned into the BBC radio Foyle Mark Patterson Zeigen last week, my wonderful sister Rebecca Harkin ( link ) was on getting an interview and performing 2 of her songs live for the 1st time on air…if Du missed it Du can hear it again @ link that’s my Youtube channle and it is there in my favourites also add my channel to yours if Du get a chance…im gonna document as much as I can this tour with some cool wee clips so ill keep Du posted!!!
My favourite tune for the week has to be “January Wedding” and the band is called “the Avett Brothers,” Lethal band and havnt stoped listening to the the past few weeks, check them out!!! I think I put a link to them on my Youtube channel also!
My 1st prints are being made as I type this letter, they will be previewed in Rosy’s new schlittschuh, skate park Von the end of the week…so im chuffed with that!!! And I also have a few buyers already and the site isn’t even up yet…Delighted! I’ll kee Du informed on that too….
A good friend of mine Wez filmed Glasgowbury for me so I will have a proper 10 Minute Vorschau of that up once I get a bit Mehr time on the road….its much better Quality than all the other vids of Glasgowbury this year….that will also be @ link , so be sure to add yourself!!!

Any who I must run and get some other work done here!!!!


Anyways, that’s all from me

Over & out