Hi everyone,
Sitting on the train here after having a nice Zeigen and good sushi in St.Louis, and on my way to Kansas I thought I’d write another blog for Du guys!!!

Soooo Glasgowbury 2010 eh?!?!? For all of Du who could make it, I hope Du had a BLAST, (I know I did) and thanks for coming and Wird angezeigt your support… it was the most fun ive had playing at a gig, konzert in a long time and fair play to the band, the boys played a blinder considering some of them only had a Tag to learn the songs!!! And not forgetting the beautifull Rebecca harkin…you played a blinder too on those shakers!!!! All I can say is "roll on Weiter year!"

If any of Du guys have any cool pics oder Vids of the event post them for all to see!!!!
From the last blog I did I literally have been Schreiben loads and finishing off songs for glasgowbury, I wrote 4 new tunes for it and revamped a few others so I basically havnt left my studio in a month…WEL WORTH IT!

So now Ryan and I are doing a promotrip everywhere round the states, we went from NY to OH to LA to St.louis and now somewhere in the wide yonder on a train to Kansas, were we will do our 4th promo Zeigen tonight on KCPT, so looking vorwärts-, nach vorn to that, and I havnt got a clue where we are after that!

Von the sounds of up and coming events I doubt im gonna have much time left at Home this year… maybe a week oder so after this trip and then we are straight into rehearsals in Dublin, then Ryan and I are of to do 1 Mehr Tag of promo somewhere over here, then Mehr rehearsals and on tour till crimbo!!! Really looking vorwärts-, nach vorn to this tour, its gonna keep me on my feet for definite! And I reckon its gonna be our best yet so don’t miss out!!!

“Rosy surfboards” is now opening a new schlittschuh, skate park “Rosy surf n skate” sadly I don’t think I’ll be able to see it finished before I go, BUT Rosy has most kindly agreed to let me Vorschau some of my pictures and prints In the park. Pictures from round the world, surf pics from the likes of Hawaii and Ireland, schlittschuh, skate stuff from Philly and other scenes that ive captured from around Ireland and everywhere else, so they will be printed on Canvases oder framed and available in all sizes and will be for sale for anyone who ants to buy them…. Im gonna have Links to that stuff ASAP! So hopefully Du like them…Photography is something ive been quite passionate for a while now and im glad to be at the level were I’m happy enough to let my work go!

Also im thinkng of moving to the states Weiter Jahr I want to be doing Mehr with my own music, so im planning on moving out and taking over the world.


Anyways, that’s all from me

Over & out