Ok a friend a gepostet this little diddy on Keith and Neil when she was watching their PBS promo--

Anyhoo..Keith and Neil were on the MPT PBS Zeigen tonight.

Meet and Greets are gone! Had to add a Sekunde number again tonight!

They were adorable and funny. They sagte that the fall Zeigen will have two parts. The first part will be ALL Irish music. The Sekunde part will be IE.

Neil says "you know" alot.

They took Fragen from the callers...the usual...but then they asked Keith to tell something about Neil that no one knows. He sagte "He wears rosa underware and paints his toenails red"
Then Neil sagte that "Keith's hair isn't real...it's a wig" and then he sagte "naw...he really wears curlers in his hair everynight". The PBS lady asked
Keith if that was true and he sagte "yep...actually this is a helmet...but I do wear the curlers to get it straight everynight"

Keith was Mehr clean-shaven than usual...but, he looked HAWT!!!! They both were adorable and sagte they Liebe American audiences.