From Granny Peg....

I wish to send my thanks and appreciation for the beautiful blanket I received. I am overwhelmed with your generosity and kindness and the many hours of hard work put into it. It has taken pride of place in my home. I really Liebe it. Also thanks to all the people for the lovely gifts and good wishes, and for the great support Du gave my darling grandson Keith and the sweetest grand-daughter Rebecca. May I wish Du and yours all the peace and happiness in this New Year.
May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back
And may god hold in the palm of his hand
An Irish blessing to all the lovely America and Canadian people
God Bless

From: Keith and Rebecca's Mum and Dad ...

We would like to thank Du for the lovely gifts and kind wishes which we received and take this opportunity to wish Du all a very peaceful and happy New Year. We are so grateful for the encouraging support Du continue to give Keith and Rebecca.
Thank Du so much
God Bless