24. Did Du guys rag Damian for being the only one to wear his Converse on QVC? nope

25. Did Du suggest to Phil Coulter that Du do HOD & Wichita Lineman? yup

26. Do Du have anymore songs that you've written & discussed with Phil putting Musik with such as Du did with Lauren & I for CT? you never know

26. We know about your gitarre and surboard collection. Are there any little things that Du collect? I like a good hat I suppose

27. Do Du have a Favorit wine? cotes de rhon{think that’s how its spelt}

28. Du have mentioned being impressed meeting the Obama's. What impressed Du the most? his presence was class and he feels like a very powerful yet calming man…a oben, nach oben dude!

29. What hotels have Du stayed at in New York City? Where was the view on the balcony where Du could see the Empire State Building?? Have Du stayed at the Waldorf in New York??? sadly we aren’t rich enough to stay in nice joints, the pic was at a gig, konzert we done for the irish government back in 2008

30. Do Du like pineapple? Tasty

31. So Keith, what would it take to get Du and/or Johnny to Mitmachen us in chat one evening? $200,000

32. Do Du like fireworks? Do Du like Playing with fireworks? when I was a kid I loved it!

33. Do Du talk to yourself? If Du do, do Du ever argue? If so, Who wins? all the time and I always win

34. What's the most you've spent on a guitar? no comment

35. do Du like almonds? yup

36. This Frage is from my little brother....he was wondering, what's your Favorit candy? irish dairy milk

37. Have Du ever met a Fan who Du thought Du might want to date? yup

38. Do Du prefer women with short hair (Shoulder length) oder really long hair (All the way down their back)?? it varies

39. What is your most memorable oder Favorit childhood memory???? easter time with my family

40. What is the longest stretch of time Du have gone WITHOUT surfing? And did Du go through surfing withdrawals? this time is the longest..havnt diped the water since the end of august, but hey…that’s Zeigen business

41. Do Du wear glasses/contacts? nope

42. Ok, Du say that you're seeking world domination through Busty Music. Now say Du owned the whole world, what will Du do with it? And if Du did own the world, can Du do something about the crazy old lady around the corner from me who likes to sleep on her roof? good Frage and the answer is… I don’t know but let the lady lay on her roof.

43. Just wondering--when Du look in a mirror-do Du see the good looking guy WE all see????? nope

44. Keith, is there a song (or songs) that when Du hear them Du think to yourself "gosh, I wish I'd written that?" almost all of them

45. who were your hero's when Du were young?
(my question)all my family

46. What size clothing do Du wear? Say tee-shirts? Jeans? Board/Surf shorts? In case Fans would want to buy Du something? jeans/shorts 32-32 T’s s/m..thankyou!

47. If Du could give anybody any piece of advice, what would it be? if Du don’t succeed at first try and try again

48. Keith, do Du ever answer a Frage with another question? Do any of our Fragen make Du want to tear your hair out? what about you?

49. Keith would Du sing my Abnormal Psych textbook to me? yup

50. Does anyone ever ask Du if they could touch your hair?? (my question) yup