1. Crazy glue? oder duct tape? duct tape

2. What is your Favorit prank that Du have pulled on someone? i call people up and tell them they owe me lots of money

3. I enjoyed listennig to your gitarre tour of sorts....no Martins??? yeah i just dont know what one to get

4. you've answered so many of our questions.... I think we're all pretty good sports, so... Is there any Frage you'd like to ask us? nope

5. Ultimate dream surfboard. What's the Design look like? Bonzer

6. Du play the gitarre and piano. Are there any new instruments Du would like to learn to play? the trumpet

7. I see Du like steak here in America, do Du like Italian Essen as well???? i Liebe all food

8. What's the best birthday Du can remember? Did Du have an epic party? Did Du get something really special for a gift? Was it a surprise? 18th nothing really happened just good people and a good time

9. Have Du ever been stung Von a jellyfish? If so, would Du like to know what the remedy is? nope

10. Just wondering if Du have ever tried any of (Alexander) Keith's beer? How does it compare to Guiness? its good but not the same

11. What kind of surfboard do Du have (your Favorit one)? fishcuit

12. In Southern California where were your Favorit beaches? In orange County(Huntington Bch, Laguna Bch, Dana Pt, San Clemente? San Onafre) Los Angeles (Malibu)? ob beach

13. What's your best childhood memory? fishing with me da

14. What was your favourite thing about growing up in Ireland? the outdoors

15. Du sagte Du were cut Von someones surfboard (fin) in Bali, how many stiches did Du get? none but i should have got alot..

16. Du sagte Du lived in the country most of your life, how did Du get to school? Von bus, auto, horse, horse and buggy? all of the above

17. Hi Keith, I went to a Branding party at my girlfriend's ranch once. After the branding was all over they then brought the bulls in for Casterating. They were then cooked up and called Rocky Mountain Oysters!!! They were demolished Von everyone!!
Since Du had lived in the country all your life I was wondering if Du have ever been to a Branding Party. We have lots of different names for these delicacies depending where Du live....prairie oysters etc. I was wondering what Du call them in Ireland? sorry never heard of it

18. What's your Favorit smell? ocean

19. What would Du charge to do a solo gig, konzert at an event in the USA this summer? all depends on the gig, konzert and whos asking? bookings@keithharkin.com

20. do Du read and monitor your Myspace page? Or, does someone else? mostly me

21. Keith, do Du get your Post Office Box mail forwarded to Du on tour?? oder does it wait at your home, until Du go back to Donegal? not until im home

22. Du responded that Du do your hair. What I was referring to is who cuts/highlights it? my aunts a hair dresser

23. Has a Fan ever gave Du an earring? yup