Hey all - Keith answered another round of Fragen for everyone!! Here they are! Enjoy.

1. Have u seen the movie Sufer Dude? its really funny nope

2. What is your fav Type of gum? strawberry

3. Do u like Cats? dont mind them, i used to have lots when i was younger.

4. Of all the places in the world that Du haven't seen yet, which city oder country would Du most like visit, and why? Mexico...WAVES

5. Does your car have a name? no.....give me a few options?

6. Keith - Du know I just have to ask... what's your Favorit poem? dont have one

7. Of your own stuff, do Du have a Favorit song oder lyric? too many to think of!

8. Hey Keith, try to imagine that Du are a tourist backpacking in Ireland during the summer months. And Du also want to see as many of the Musik festivals as possible. Where would Du go? the picnic

9. Have Du ever considered relocating to another country? Is there some place Du want to live besides IRE one day?cali

10. Who does your hair??? me

11. How many hours of sleep do Du typically average a night? 7/8

12. Do Du have any other siblings beside Rebecca?nope

13. If Du were stranded on an deserted island, what is the one thing Du could not live without? gitarre oder Surfboard? good question

14. What is your Favorit TV Zeigen when Du have time to watch?havnt got one

15. Do Du happen to have a good luck charm Du always take with Du on the road/tour? my beads

16. I saw a posting on your site from someone that sagte there may not be a spring tour in the US 2010. Have Du heard anything about that?donlt know

17. How long have Du been Friends with Johnny? too long

18. What is your middle name? R

19. What was your Favorit part of making Storm? rehearsals were fun i suppose

20. Is Musik all Du ever wanted to do? yup

21. When Du are on the road and have some down time what do Du do to relax and stay grounded? listen to music...do a bit of writing

22. If Du could have a tattoo, what would it be of? i dont know , if i could think of a good enough one though, i would get it!

23. Where did Du get your car? Is there any kind of story behind that? it came from an artist in Holland

24. do Du have a Favorit season? Autumn

25. Do Du have a Favorit kind of tea? If so, what is it? Barrys

26. Keith, do Du have a pre-show/gig routine that Du follow? What ONE thing is a MUST DO before every performance? Not really

27. When I visit Ireland, will Du let me buy Du a drink? of course

28. What's your Favorit type of cookie? Dairy milch hobnobs

29. Keith - how long have Du known Rosy? I read you've been surfing about 4 to 5 years. Did Rosy get Du into it? 7 years

30. Ever had a Man-Eater type hai get a little too close for comfort? What'd ya do? thank god NO

31. Now that you're into your third tour of North America, Are Du used to American women yet? Havnt had much encounters really

32. What is the best present Du have received from a fan?? (my question:))the blankets were pretty cool

33. When will your solo CD be available? God knows

34. What's your Favorit after-shave/cologne? dont wear any

35. Had Du ever worn a kilt before CT?? nope

36. Keith, Du must come from a big family. Does your cousins hang around with you? are they the same age as Du oder much older? some of them do when im bk in town

37. When Du surf in other countries that have warmer water than Ireland, do Du still wear a full wet suit, oder do Du wear a short wet suit, oder just trunks and a rash guard? as Du say it depends on the place

38. What is the Weiter place Du would like to surf at? Hawaii

39. Keith on this weeks fuchs Zeigen NY Du sagte Du were from Donegal. Is Donegal the county and Derry the city? oder are they 2 different cities and you've moved from Derry to Donegal? exactly

40. What is something that not a lot of people know about Du but Du wish Mehr people could know? I can fly

41. have Du ever heard of the brand of shoes called toms... if so would ever buy/where them? nope, never heard of them

42. was their ever a sport Du were interested in besides surfing? nothing really, skateboarding?

43. did Du and Paul plan to push Damian in the lake oder was it just something Du thought of on the fly? on the fly

44. are Du gonna help Damian learn to play guitar?
if he behaves!